August 10, 2011

    1. Taking Stock: Medley Capital a golden opportunity
    2. The Firm: Who pays for contingency fees?


    1. Political football Block on NLRB nominees may mean headache for labor lawyers
    2. National Roundup
    3. Ohio Ex-cop says acting to stop gunman was only natural
    4. Illinois Circuit court allows torture lawsuit against Rumsfeld
    5. West Virginia Coal slurry case to cost Massey $35 million Letter reveals details of confidential settlement
    6. New Jersey Ex-Governor McGreevey finds niche mentoring inmates


    1. Baskin re-elected chair of OU board
    2. Ludington Taking a journey to reconnect Man undertakes 1,700-mile bike trek from Michigan to Idaho
    3. Detroit Focus: HOPE co-founder Eleanor Josaitis dies at 79 Civil rights activist believed in human dignity and helping people
    4. State Roundup


    1. Pennsylvania Man pleads guilty in federal terror cases Defendant allegedly bit two FBI agents when they attempted to question him
    2. Court Roundup


    1. Economy U.S. workers were less productive in the spring First back-to-back decline in productivity since second half of 2008
    2. Energy Obama calling for higher fuel standards for big vehicles Billions saved in fuel costs
    3. Economy Plunge on Wall Street threatens to spook consumers
    4. Wall Street Some big investors look to buy as markets buckle
    5. Energy OPEC sees growing world oil demand


    1. First Hispanic to head ABA reflects on tenure Zack championed properly funding judicial system and improving civics education
    2. Cooley Law to open new campus in Tampa Bay, Fla.
    3. Profile in Brief: Joe Kozakiewicz - Chance at Childhood
    4. Daily Briefs, August 10
    5. The expanded universe of Paul Kemp Attorney finds niche as 'Star Wars' novelist