August 16, 2011

    1. Money Matters: Schools need to focus on financial literacy
    2. Law Life: Lawyers changing firms: Who will represent their clients?
    3. The Firm: Vetting your cloud's security


    1. Washington 'Doomsday' defense cuts loom large for select 12 Threat of Pentagon cuts is an incentive to come up with $1.5 trillion in savings over a decade
    2. National Roundup
    3. Kentucky After 75 years, last public hanging haunts city Kentucky was last state to end public executions, in 1938
    4. Florida Another round in Ten Commandments fight hits state ACLU sued to have monument removed from in front of courthouse


    1. Cooley study shows lawyers have high employment rate
    2. Lansing Michigan legislators seek changes to marijuana law
    3. Snyder fills two judicial vacancies


    1. Illinois Legal beef Sara Lee, Kraft escalate wiener war
    2. Kentucky 2 sisters sue government for Social Security number
    3. Nevada Serbia seeks to block execution of 'Gypsy' citizen Consulate says it was not notified of man's arrest in 1994 murder


    1. Technology Sales of gold up on eBay amid stock market turmoil Popularity echoes what's happening in broader gold market
    2. Economy Broken Budgets Wall Street's ride compounds states' pension fears Nationwide, states have $689.5B in unfunded pension liabilities
    3. Personal Finance Market's down? Time to create a retirement plan


    1. Global Outreach Product liability lawyer finds second calling in classroom
    2. Daily Briefs, August 16
    3. Michigan Supreme Court Paraplegic loses case over rare stem-cell surgery Court agrees spinal surgery was not 'reasonably necessary'
    4. Mens Rea: Bullcoming decision shockwaves still ripple through states