August 18, 2011

    1. Money Matters: The benefits and risks of closed-end funds
    2. Law Life: Should lawyers offer prizes to use social media?
    3. Legal View: Revised recommendations on Marcellus Shale development


    1. Washington Vacation dilemma Obama faces perils of the presidential getaway
    2. California Immigrants plead for end to fingerprint sharing Many say program makes immigrants reluctant to report crime to police
    3. ABA adopts new policy in defense of 14th Amendment
    4. National Roundup
    5. Florida Full Hurricanes squad practices amid allegations Convicted Ponzi schemer says he provided players 'extra benefits'
    6. New Mexico Father of 2 becomes hero in abducted girl's rescue
    7. Washington Obama to lay out new jobs plan in Sept. speech President will also present specific plan to cut national debt


    1. State Roundup
    2. Lansing Kids Count less in Michigan Report: Economy continues to hurt state's youth


    1. Washington, D.C. Drug company lawyer taped trying to foil lawsuit Lawyer offered to pay expert witness to miss key court date
    2. South Carolina Tobacco companies file lawsuit over warning labels 4 of the 5 largest U.S. tobacco companies say labels violate their free speech rights
    3. Louisiana Death sentence upheld for Angola 5 defendant


    1. Economy National child welfare survey examines recession
    2. Economy Credit card late payments hit 17-year low in 2Q
    3. Market Q&A Health care stocks endure turmoil better than most
    4. Pharmaceutical FDA approves gene-targeting skin cancer drug


    1. ASKED & ANSWERED: Jocelyn Benson
    2. Local Voice: No. 1 of the top 3 common divorce hearings
    3. Lansing Report: Cut 49 judgeships Court of Appeals would be reduced by four positions
    4. Daily Briefs, August 18
    5. 7th Inning Stretch