August 19, 2011

    1. Taking Stock: A tip sheet for successful investors
    2. On Point: The primates are howling for new legislation
    3. Eye on Lansing: How to defuse PERA's ticking time bomb
    4. The Firm: Google Plus: The next big thing for small law firms?


    1. National Roundup
    2. California Court: Farm workers entitled to nearly $2 million Workers accused growers of violating federal labor laws
    3. Illinois War hero turned mobster sentenced to 35 years Defendant fears conviction will keep him out of Arlington
    4. Study shows lawyers have one of the highest employment rates
    5. Kentucky Questions linger in case of 'collar bomb' hoax


    1. Wayne County employs advanced online campaign finance system


    1. New York Google-Motorola deal highlights patent arms race Trove of 17,000 patents will help shield Google from lawsuits
    2. Nation Cigarette lawsuit could delay more graphic warnings
    3. Supreme Court Notebook


    1. Real Estate Rate on 30-year mortgage falls to lowest on record Housing market still depressed
    2. Economy Car buyer jitters Auto dealers fear economy could scare off customers
    3. Technology IBM pursues chips that behave like brains Prototypes represent milestone in 6-year-long project
    4. Economy More people sought unemployment benefits
    5. Economy Consumer prices rose by the most since March Gas prices accounted for most of the swing


    1. Daily Briefs, August 19
    2. Social Network
    3. FRIDAY FEATURE: Pet Project Area attorney spearheads Michigan Humane Society
    4. Study reveals only 1 in 5 medical malpractice cases pay Also finds about 7.5 percent of doctors have a claim filed against them each year
    5. Legal Aid to hold town meeting Aug. 27 on land-contracts scam
    6. Road Trip Wayne Law students explore career opportunities in west Michigan
    7. Cooley Law School presents Inaugural Student Great Deeds Award Goodale received award for volunteer efforts