September 29, 2011

    1. Money Matters: Investors need courage in down times to see opportunities
    2. Law Life: Avoid conflict at all costs
    3. Legal View: An important case for corporate counsel


    1. Washington Government shutdown averted, but deep differences linger State of political polarization could continue through November election
    2. New Hampshire Mother to plead guilty in death of young son
    3. California Man hid murder with phony emails from Africa Man accused of killing business partner months before
    4. New York Lawyer: NYC parents feared foster care abuse
    5. Nation U.S. fugitive hid in Portugal hamlet for decades George Wright was a top priority of task force formed in 2002
    6. Analysis Democrats hit reset button on health care Divisions over health care overhaul appear irreconcilable
    7. ABA, business group object to Labor Dept.'s 'persuader' rule
    8. National Roundup


    1. 48 Varnum attorneys named 'Best'
    2. State Roundup
    3. Dearborn Ford's success stirs UAW resentment in labor talks
    4. Detroit University of Mich. going green -- environmentally School plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent by 2025
    5. SBM to present 'Tips and Tools'


    1. Supreme Court to decide lawyer immunity question
    2. Washington, D.C. U.S. tells court photos of bin Laden killing must stay secret
    3. Supreme Court Watch ABA: broaden duty to disclose exculpatory evidence Court to consider if state courts ignored fundamental principals of due process


    1. Broken Budgets Many cities imposing broad cuts as revenue shrinks
    2. Business Facebook policies tricky for employers
    3. Economy Businesses boost their orders for equipment


    1. ASKED & ANSWERED: Brad Roth
    2. Attorneys invited to participate in pro bono fairs during October
    3. Daily Briefs, September 29
    4. Clinic to take holistic approach to immigration and civil issues