February 15, 2012

    1. EXPERT WITNESS: The Economics of Law: The Expected Value of a Case
    2. THE FIRM: No guarantees with attorneys' fees
    3. TAKING STOCK: Rosy-eyed Washington projections should be taken with caution
    4. EXPERT WITNESS: Recovery International: The best kept secret I know


    1. Colorado Banking for marijuana shops eyed by lawmakers Proposed cooperative could issue loans, other bank services
    2. National Roundup


    1. Armed Forces of Liberia complete legal training program with MI National Guard
    2. Plan calls for $22 million on MSU nuclear project
    3. State President's budget includes millions for Michigan
    4. Lansing EM petition drive collects more than 200K signatures
    5. Lansing State officials focus on expanding state exports Michigan sent abroad $45 billion worth of goods in 2010
    6. Judge to hold court at high school


    1. New York AP sues Meltwater News claiming copyright infringement Statement calls company 'parasitic distribution service' and demands license fees
    2. West Virginia WVU settles Big East lawsuit, will join Big 12 conference in July
    3. Minnesota School board ends policy blamed for bullying problems
    4. Washington USAID contractor work in Cuba detailed


    1. Economy January retail sales gain points to modest growth Positive data suggest hiring gains have boosted consumer confidence
    2. No Title
    3. Economy Businesses boosted stockpiles 0.4 percent
    4. Personal Finance Investing in the coming housing market rebound


    1. Defense: Midwest militia more like a 'social club'
    2. PROFILE IN BRIEF: Brad Roth - Globe trotter
    3. Law school debt payments top $1000/mo Study finds average law school-related debt is around $80K
    4. How Germany nearly won the war Attorney's book challenges traditional view of WW II