February 16, 2012

    1. LAW LIFE: Jury consulting on a shoestring
    2. LOCAL VOICE: 35th birthday of Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund
    3. MONEYMATTERS:New 401(k) regulations to help investors


    1. Bills to cut state judgeships pass House; now head to governor for signing
    2. National Roundup
    3. Ad Watch Romney makes hometown appeal in new political ad
    4. Idaho Santorum revels in sudden support _ but how deep? Candidate is underfunded and outmanned and lacks organization
    5. California Gingrich hopes for another campaign resurrection Former Speaker sees Santorum emerge as leading conservative candidate
    6. California Jury to hear of love, betrayal in trial Bite mark on victim's arm led to new suspect
    7. Oregon Man asks why he was queried by FBI in Tunisia Attorney helped bring man home
    8. Missouri Muddy clothes, shovel seized from teen killer


    2. Detroit Michigan Democrats blast Romney opinion article
    3. Jackson Photographer sees country rebuilt through camera lens Soldier documents Afghanistan


    1. Ohio Jaded justice Judge rejects death penalty law he wrote as young senator
    2. Arizona Trial starts in forced hikes Grandfather accused of child abuse
    3. Kentucky Company: Bridge lights out before wreck Cargo ship struck bridge at night, collapsing span


    1. Economy Wholesale prices move up 0.1 percent last month
    2. Economy Eurozone has one foot in recession
    3. Economy Factory output jumps 0.7 percent in January
    4. Education The 1 percent in academia Banner fundraising year for wealthy colleges
    5. Real Estate Homebuilder optimism continues to rise


    1. Snyder, Schuette oppose Lansing casino Law professor sees off-reservation casino as threat to state compact
    2. Law prof gets grant to research economic development
    3. Law prof gives update on criminal law cases
    4. Asked and Answered-- Ashish Joshi