February 26, 2021

    1. AI is killing choice and chance - which means changing what it means to be human
    2. Governor's budget shows that there is no need for further federal bailout
    3. From 'aliens' to 'noncitizens' - the Biden administration is proposing to change a legal term to recognize the humanity of non-Americans


    1. Watchdog reviews complaint about FBI surveillance warrant
    2. Man exits church after years in sanctuary from deportation
    3. BLM launches Survival Fund amid federal COVID-19 relief wait
    4. National Roundup
    5. ABA teams up with other organizations for first-ever Disaster Resilience Awareness Month


    1. MSU debate team qualifies to National Debate Tournament
    2. Nessel joins bipartisan coalition in urging FCC to provide E-Rate funds for remote learning during pandemic
    3. More than 300 small businesses awarded grants to winterize operations, add capacity


    1. Court Digest
    2. Group asks justices to ban use of race in college admissions
    3. High court inclined to expand warrantless entry into homes
    4. Group asks justices to ban use of race in college admissions
    5. State fined $1M for failing to improve prison health care


    1. Relief or stimulus: What's the difference, and what it means for Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus package
    2. U.S. jobless claims at 730K, still high but fewest in 3 months
    3. Anticipating 2021 boom, Q4 GDP revised up slightly to 4.1%
    4. If a stranger offers you student loan forgiveness, hang up


    1. Psychiatrist continues her educational journey in law
    2. Michigan Supreme Court to conduct public administrative hearing March 24
    3. State receives grant to enhance legal services for victims living in rural and tribal communities
    4. Exercise Pill: How Exercise Keeps Your Brain Healthy and Protects it Against Depresssion and Anxiety
    5. Daily Briefs