June 24, 2021

    1. On the Money: Student loan payments to restart; here's how to get help
    2. The cost of not paying attention, and the payoffs when we do
    3. ADR SPOTLIGHT: The neutral stranger and the untold story
    4. ADR Spotlight: The Neutral Stranger and the Untold Story
    5. The Conversation: Critical race theory sparks activism in students


    1. National Roundup
    2. Biden anti-crime effort takes on law-breaking gun dealers
    3. States grapple with closing youth detention centers
    4. Task force finds 'serious racial disparities' in state juvenile court
    5. 'Cross-Border Virtual Institute' hosted by ABA online
    6. Nessel joins coalition calling on USPS to stop further


    1. Senate GOP probe: No systemic fraud in Michigan election


    1. High court: Armed school employees require training
    2. Jim Bakker, his church settle lawsuit over COVID-19 claims
    3. Lawsuit calls out school district's mental health policies
    4. Court Digest
    5. Supreme Court: Mortgage overseer structure unconstitutional
    6. Justices rule for cursing cheerleader over Snapchat post
    7. High court backs businesses challenging California labor law


    1. Garland: More 'depth' needed to protect against cyberattacks
    2. Help wanted: Labor crisis plagues US restaurant industry
    3. Inflation poses new challenge for pandemic-weary businesses
    4. Surprise 5.9% drop in new home sales; prices hit record high


    1. Detroit Bar Association installs 2021-22 officers, to honor legal leaders at 2021 annual meeting
    2. Judicial vacancy in 23rd District Court
    3. Whitmer: Expand tuition aid to 22K more frontline workers
    4. Daily Briefs