Warner Norcross attorney Gerville-Réache named to Military Appeals Tribunal


Gov. Snyder has appointed Warner Norcross and Judd partner Gaëtan Gerville-Réache to the state Military Appeals Tribunal.

Gerville-Réache, a member of the firm’s Appellate and Supreme Court Practice Group, will serve a four-year term. The panel hears appeals of court-martial decisions from the Michigan National Guard, part of the Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Prior to joining Warner Norcross, Gerville-Réache served as a surface warfare officer in the U.S. Navy as a lieutenant. Snyder noted he was confident Gerville-Réache would be a “fair and effective” member of the tribunal.

Active professionally, he has handled appeals with more than $100 million in controversy.  He is chair-elect of the State Bar’s Appellate Practice Section, a chair for the ABA Council of Appellate Lawyers, and a member of the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society Advocates Guild. Gerville-Réache is also editor of Warner’s One Court of Justice blog, the leading blog on Michigan appellate courts.