Short Takes (March 22)

Forum to explore workers’ rights in the global economy, March 31

Wayne State University Law School’s Program for International Legal Studies, in conjunction with Labor@Wayne, will host a “Forum on Workers’ Rights in the Global Economy” from 2 to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31, in Conference Rooms L & M in the McGregor Memorial Conference Center on Wayne State University’s campus.

According to Wayne Law Professor William Mateikis, the forum will provide an opportunity for a constructive dialog between a leading external workers’ rights activist and a leading internal workers’ rights advocate.  

“Our thinking about workers’ rights in the global economy has been muddled and, therefore, too antagonistic,” Mateikis said. “This forum is designed to bring together leading human/labor rights activists, advocates and scholars for a constructive dialogue on complimentary actions that activists and advocates can take to improve the working lives of the least fortunate workers in the global economy.”

Forum speakers include: Manfred Elfstrom, program officer, International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF); Pat McDermott, Frank Perdue School of Business professor, Salisbury University; Carrie Nantais, assistant for The Jesuit Social and International Ministry, Detroit Province; and Ed Potter, director, Global Workplace Rights, The Coca-Cola Company.

This lecture is free and open to the public. For additional information, contact Holly Hughes, program assistant for the Program for International Legal Studies, at or (313) 577-3620.


Firm signs first ROOF Agreement with grateful local homeowner

Potestivo & Associates PC is pleased to announce the signing of the first ROOF Agreement, which was introduced in November of last year. The agreement’s purpose is to aid foreclosed upon homeowners in keeping a “ROOF” over their heads while they get back on their feet and reducing the number of vacant homes in the City of Detroit.

The ROOF Agreement (Retaining Occupancy on Foreclosure) was born under the collaboration of Potestivo & Associates and the DOOFPR (Detroit Office of Foreclosure Prevention and Response) and was formally introduced at a summit in November of 2009. The property for the first ROOF Agreement is located on Kensington Street and has an initial term of three months (90 days) at which point the occupant can request a month to month extension of the agreement.

“We couldn’t be happier that we are seeing our first Detroiter benefit from the ROOF Agreement”, says Brian A. Potestivo, president and founder of Potestivo & Associates PC.  “We knew that ROOF was a step in the right direction with helping individuals during rough times and also helping the City of Detroit.”

Under the ROOF Agreement the occupant must pay for all utilities, heat, water, electricity, etc., and a monthly fee will be instituted depending on the occupant’s ability to pay.