Hazel Park prevails in lawsuit by hoops coach

HAZEL PARK (AP) -- A woman who sued in 1999 and eventually became coach of boys and girls basketball teams at a Detroit-area high school has lost a key court ruling years later in a related case.

Geraldine Fuhr coached girls and boys at Hazel Park High School from 2001 through winter 2006 after winning a discrimination lawsuit. But the district removed her from the girls team later in 2006, saying it would be impossible for Fuhr to lead both teams when the boys and girls start playing in the same season.

Fuhr believed it was retaliation for winning the earlier lawsuit. She sued again, but a federal appeals court this week ruled against her.

The court says it would have been impractical for Fuhr to coach two teams during winter.

Published: Fri, Mar 22, 2013