Guerriero presented with Purple Sport Coat Award


 The Fifth Annual Kaye Tertzag Tribute Dinner was hosted Thursday, Feb. 27, at the Park Place Banquet Hall in Dearborn.  

The 2014 recipient of the Purple Sport Coat Award was attorney Anthony S. Guerriero.  He has served as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, civil litigator, mediator, arbitrator, receiver, magistrate, and judge. He has demonstrated a commitment to his community as an active member of the Dearborn Exchange Club, Amicus Club of Dearborn, the Dearborn Italian American Fraternal Club, and the Knights of Columbus.

The dinner and award are meant to honor retired Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Kaye “Chach” Tertzag who died Feb. 4, 2009.  His words to attorneys coming before the bench were “Be Prompt. Be Prepared. Be Polite.” His parting words to all were “Be well.” Judge Tertzag was known to wear colorful sport coats and ties, though often hidden under his robe. One of his favorites was his purple Armani.  

(Photos by John Meiu)