Road funding for Bloomfield Twp. announced

 Members of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to approve Oakland County Commissioner Shelley Goodman Taub’s resolution requesting $111,744 for Tri-Party Road funding for the Hickory Grove Road Improvement in Bloomfield Township project #52292 . These funds will be allocated and used for immediate road improvements.

Goodman Taub stated, “For every dollar that is spent by the townships, the Road Commission for Oakland County and Oakland County will each match 1/3 of the funding for road improvement on Hickory Grove Road that is a two for one return on this investment. This is the best approach to leverage funding for roads especially as municipal budgets tighten. This effort is collaboration between the Road Commission for Oakland County, the townships, and Oakland County which is the best approach to road funding”

Since 1973, the Tri-Party Program has raised revenue and awareness on the issues of roads. The Tri-Party Program consists of Oakland County, the Road Commission for Oakland County and local governments with each providing one-third equally in funding for county road projects in local communities. “This program is unique to Oakland County. No other county in Michigan provides funding in this manner,” stated Goodman Taub.

This program has been well received since its inception. County residents have witnessed an improvement in travel conditions in Oakland County’s rural communities. Another benefit of the Tri-Party Program is the significant road improvements traffic and safety measures that are provided to participating cities, villages, and townships throughout the county.