Marie Greenman has joined Honigman, Miller, Schwartz, and Cohn LLP as an associate in its Corporate Department. She will be located in the firm's Detroit office.

Greenman will focus her practice on general corporate matters. While pursuing her law degree, she served as an intern in three different offices within the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. and in Berlin, Germany.

She is admitted to practice in New York and is seeking admission in Michigan.

Greenman earned a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. She earned a B.A. in German and in history from the University of Michigan. Before law school, Greenman was a Fulbright Grantee in Cologne, Germany.

She joins Honigman from the New York City office of Linklaters LLP.

In addition, Honigman is pleased to announce that 130 of its attorneys were named in the 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers, including 91 as "Super Lawyers" and 39 as "Rising Stars." Of all law firms headquartered in Michigan, Honigman has the most attorneys named in the "Top 10," "Top 25 Female Business," "Top 50 Business," "Top 50 Female" and "Top 100" categories. They are:

-Top 5 Business Joseph Aviv.

-Top 10 Overall Norman C. Ankers and Joseph Aviv.

-Top 25 Female Business Anessa Owen Kramer, Denise J. Lewis, Linda A. Ross.

-Top 50 Business Norman C. Ankers, Joseph Aviv, Kenneth T. Brooks, Michael D. DuBay, Donald J. Kunz, Lawrence D. McLaughlin, Arthur T. O'Reilly, David N. Parsigian, Linda A. Ross, William D. Sargent.

-Top 50 Female Overall Judy B. Calton, Anessa Owen Kramer, Denise J. Lewis, Linda S. Ross and Linda A. Wasserman.

-Top 100 Overall Norman C. Ankers, Joseph Aviv, Kenneth T. Brooks, Michael D. DuBay, David Foltyn, Donald J. Kunz, Lawrence D. McLaughlin, Arthur T. O'Reilly, David N. Parsigian, Linda S. Ross, William D. Sargent, Linda A. Wasserman, and I. W. Winsten.

Additional local Honigman attorneys recognized as "Super Lawyers" include:

- Joel S. Adelman Real Estate (Detroit).

- Richard A. Barr Environmental (Detroit).

- Donald F. Baty Jr. Banking (Detroit).

- Norman H. Beitner Securities & Corporate Finance (Detroit).

- Michael S. Ben Securities & Corporate Finance (Detroit).

- Jennifer L. Benedict Health Care (Detroit).

- Maurice S. Binkow Real Estate (Detroit).

- Jonathan R. Borenstein Real Estate (Bloomfield Hills).

- Richard J. Burstein Real Estate (Bloomfield Hills).

- William M. Cassetta Insurance Coverage (Detroit).

- Roger Cook Tax (Detroit).

- Gregory J. DeMars Real Estate (Detroit).

- Matthew S. Disbrow Employment Litigation: Defense (Detroit).

- Patrick T. Duerr Securities & Corporate Finance (Detroit).

- David A. Ettinger Antitrust Litigation (Detroit).

- Carol A. Friend Immigration: Business (Detroit).

- Lynn A. Gandhi Tax (Detroit).

- Kenneth C. Gold Environmental (Detroit).

- Nicholas B. Gorga Securities Litigation (Detroit).

- Margaret E. Greene Construction Litigation (Detroit).

- Andrew (Jake) M. Grove Intellectual Property Litigation (Bloomfield Hills).

- Raymond W. Henney Securities Litigation (Detroit).

- Carl W. Herstein Real Estate (Detroit).

- Karl A. Hochkammer Technology Transactions (Detroit).

- William O. Hochkammer Insurance Coverage (Detroit).

- Ann T. Hollenbeck Health Care (Detroit).

- Michael A. Indenbaum Tax (Detroit).

- Robert M. Jackson Business Litigation (Detroit).

- S. Lee Johnson Environmental (Detroit).

- John P. Kanan Mergers & Acquisitions (Detroit).

- Philip J. Kessler Business Litigation (Detroit).

- Joel M. Krugel Real Estate (Bloomfield Hills).

- Lawrence A. Lichtman Bankruptcy: Business (Detroit).

- Russell S. Linden Employment & Labor (Detroit).

- Howard N. Luckoff Real Estate (Bloomfield Hills).

- Stewart L. Mandell Tax (Detroit).

- Kenneth R. Marcus Health Care (Detroit).

- Jeffrey H. Miro Business/Corporate (Bloomfield Hills).

- Cyril Moscow Securities & Corporate Finance (Detroit).

- Lawrence J. Murphy Business Litigation (Detroit).

- Steven C. Nadeau Environmental (Detroit).

- Charles Nida Estate Planning & Probate (Bloomfield Hills).

- Joshua F. Opperer Mergers & Acquisitions (Detroit).

- Alex L. Parrish Business/Corporate (Detroit).

- Stanley H. Pitts Employment & Labor (Detroit).

- Julie E. Robertson Insurance Coverage (Detroit).

- J. Adam Rothstein Real Estate (Bloomfield Hills).

- E. Todd Sable Creditor/Debtor Rights (Detroit).

- Lowell D. Salesin Real Estate (Bloomfield Hills).

- Alan S. Schwartz Business/Corporate (Detroit).

- Joseph R. Sgroi Creditor/Debtor Rights (Detroit).

- Michael B. Shapiro Tax (Detroit).

- Tricia A. Sherick Creditor/Debtor Rights (Detroit).

- Richard S. Soble Tax (Bloomfield Hills).

- Samuel T. Stahl Mergers & Acquisitions (Detroit).

- Mark A. Stern Business Litigation (Detroit).

- Stuart H. Teger Construction Litigation (Detroit).

- Brian D. Wassom Intellectual Property Litigation (Bloomfield Hills).

- Sheldon P. Winkelman Real Estate (Detroit).

- Jeffrey L. Woolstrum Environmental (Detroit).

- Richard E. Zuckerman Criminal Defense: White Collar (Detroit)

Local Honigman "Rising Stars" include:

- Jason R. Abel Business Litigation (Detroit).

- Thomas J. Appledorn Intellectual Property (Bloomfield Hills).

- Aaron E. Bass Real Estate (Bloomfield Hills).

- David W. Billings Mergers & Acquisitions (Detroit).

- Meghan N. Covino Immigration: Business (Detroit).

- Sean F. Crotty Employment & Labor (Detroit).

- Charles W. Duncan Jr. Intellectual Property Litigation (Bloomfield Hills).

- Jason M. Fisher Real Estate (Bloomfield Hills).

- Scott D. Geromette Insurance Coverage (Detroit).

- Michael P. Hindelang Business Litigation (Detroit).

- Douglas E. Kelin Business/Corporate (Detroit).

- Brett A. Krueger Intellectual Property (Bloomfield Hills).

- Jeffrey H. Kuras Banking (Detroit).

- Jeffrey K. Lamb Business Litigation (Detroit).

- Evan J. Leibhan Mergers & Acquisitions (Detroit).

- Tara E. Mahoney Employment & Labor (Detroit).

- Roger P. Meyers Business Litigation (Detroit).

- Matthew J. Moussiaux Mergers & Acquisitions (Detroit).

- Gregory M. Nowakowski Health Care (Detroit).

- Brittany D. Parling Business Litigation (Detroit).

- Julie E. (Kretzschmer) Reitz Intellectual Property (Bloomfield Hills) .

- John J. Rolecki Business Litigation (Detroit).

- Christopher W. Rowlett General Litigation (Detroit).

- Clara L. Seymour Mergers & Acquisitions (Detroit).

- Khalilah V. Spencer General Litigation (Detroit).

- Shawn A. Strand Tax (Detroit).

- Emily J. Tait Intellectual Property (Bloomfield Hills).

- Matthew R. VanWasshnova Mergers & Acquisitions (Detroit).

- Alexander S. Whang Mergers & Acquisitions (Detroit)

- - -

Twenty-one attorneys from Foster, Swift, Collins, & Smith PC have been named to the Michigan Super Lawyers list for 2015. In addition, eight attorneys were included on Super Lawyers' Michigan Rising Stars list.

Super Lawyers in Foster Swift's Farmington Hills office include:

Dirk H. Beckwith - Business Litigation.

Michael R. Blum - Employment and Labor.

Julie I. Fershtman - Civil Litigation Defense.

Lisa J. Hamameh - State/Local/Municipal.

Frank T. Mamat - Employment and Labor.

Local Michigan Rising Stars at Foster Swift include:

Alexander A. Ayar - Business Litigation.

Ray H. Littleton II - General Litigation.

- - -

Super Lawyers magazine has recognized several partners at the Southfield offices of Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer, & Weiss PC as some of the finest attorneys in Michigan. Jaffe CEO William Sider made the announcement.

The publication included the following local Jaffe attorneys in its 2015 Michigan Super Lawyer listing:

Joel M. Alam Securities & Corporate Finance.

Peter M. Alter Business Litigation.

Christopher A. Andreoff Criminal Defense.

Christopher R. Cataldo Business Litigation.

Mark G. Cooper Business Litigation.

Thomas E. Coughlin Bankruptcy: Business.

Paul R. Hage Bankruptcy: Business.

Jeffrey G. Heuer Business Litigation.

Michael F. Jacobson Business Litigation.

Ira J. Jaffe Business/Corporate.

Shirley A. Kaigler Estate & Probate.

Michael S. Khoury Technology Transactions.

Mark L. Kowalsky Securities Litigation.

Mark P. Krysinski Real Estate.

Elizabeth L. Luckenbach Estate & Trust Litigation.

A'Jene Maxwell Real Estate.

Judith Greenstone Miller Creditor Debtor Rights.

Brian S. Raznick Real Estate.

Louis P. Rochkind Creditor Debtor Rights.

Mark D. Rubenfire Real Estate.

Brian G. Shannon Appellate.

Aaron H. Sherbin Estate & Probate.

William E. Sider Tax.

Peter Sugar Securities & Corporate Finance.

Scott R. Torpey Aviation & Aerospace.

Arthur A. Weiss Tax.

Jay L. Welford Creditor Debtor Rights.

Richard A. Zussman Real Estate.

In addition, Super Lawyers magazine has recognized nine attorneys at Jaffe's Southfield offices as some of the finest up-and-coming attorneys in Michigan. Jaffe CEO Bill Sider made the announcement.

The following list of attorneys were recognized as 2015 Michigan Rising Stars:

David Z. Adler Business Litigation.

John P. Decker Business/Corporate.

Demrie L. Graham Real Estate.

Lee B. Kellert Mergers & Acquisitions.

Derek D. McLeod Business Litigation.

Jonathan C. Myers Bankruptcy: Business.

Eric D. Novetsky Bankruptcy: Business.

Salvatore J. Vitale Business Litigation.

Sarah S. Weston Securities & Corporate Finance.

- - -

Dickinson Wright PLLC is pleased to announce that 50 of the firm's attorneys in Detroit have been named 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers. Nineteen Dickinson Wright attorneys in Detroit have been named 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers "Rising Stars."

Local Dickinson Wright attorneys recognized on this year's Michigan Super Lawyers list include:


Michelle L. Alamo, Business Litigation.

Dennis W. Archer, Business Litigation.

Allison R. Bach, Creditor Debtor Rights.

Richard M. Bolton, Mergers & Acquisitions.

William T. Burgess, Bankruptcy: Business.

Lawrence G. Campbell, ADR.

James N. Candler Jr., Real Estate.

Bernadette M. Dennehy, Business/Corporate.

David R. Deromedi, Employment & Labor.

Phillip J. DeRosier, Appellate.

K. Scott Hamilton, Business Litigation.

Edgar C. Howbert, Bankruptcy: Business.

Steven G. Howell, Bankruptcy: Business.

Timothy H. Howlett, Employment & Labor.

W. Anthony Jenkins, Real Estate.

Kathleen A. Lang, Business Litigation.

Thomas G. McNeill, Business Litigation.

Sharon R. Newlon, Environmental.

Francis R. Ortiz, Appellate.

James B. Perry, Employment & Labor.

James A. Plemmons, Creditor Debtor Rights.

William P. Shield Jr., Banking.

James P. Spica, Estate & Probate.

Theodore B. Sylwestrzak, Bankruptcy: Business.

Kathryn S. Wood, Employment & Labor.

Pahl L. Zinn, Business Litigation.


Margaret A. Coughlin, Environmental.

Stephen E. Dawson, Real Estate.

J. Benjamin Dolan, Business Litigation.

Terence M. Donnelly, Government Finance.

Deborah L. Grace, Employee Benefits.

Roberta P. Granadier, Employee Benefits.

Henry M. Grix, Estate & Probate.

Hanley M. Gurwin, Family Law.

Craig W. Hammond, Government Finance.

Robert P. Hurlbert, Criminal Defense: White Collar.

Robert S. Krause, Personal Injury Products: Defense.

Monica J. Labe, Real Estate.

Christopher C. Maeso, Business/Corporate.

Anna M. Maiuri, Environmental.

Cynthia A. Moore, Employee Benefits.

John H. Norris, Energy & Resources.

Edward H. Pappas, Business Litigation.

Richard W. Paul, Business Litigation.

Daniel D. Quick, Business Litigation.

Michael T. Raymond, Securities & Corporate Finance.

Peter H. Webster, Eminent Domain.

J. Bryan Williams, Business/Corporate.

Mark E. Wilson, Health Care.

Katheryne L. Zelenock, Real Estate.

Local Dickinson Wright attorneys recognized on this year's Michigan Rising Stars list include:


Jeffrey E. Ammons, Employment & Labor.

Farayha Arrine, Civil Litigation: Defense.

Eric S. Bergeron, Banking.

Aaron V. Burrell, Business Litigation.

Lindsay DeMoss, Business Litigation.

Adam D. Grant, Personal Injury General: Defense.

Patrick Green, Business Litigation.

Salina M. Hamilton, Business Litigation.

Scott A. Petz, Business Litigation.

Daniel J. Phillips, Business Litigation.

Rachel L. Wolock, Banking.


Michael J. Lusardi, Real Estate.

James A. Martone, IP Litigation.

Kelly M. Martorano, Environmental.

Erin M. Pawlowski, IP Litigation.

Joan Cripe Skrzyniarz, Estate & Probate.

Benjamin M. Sobczak, Entertainment & Sports.

Grace K. Trueman, Estate & Probate.

Rosanna J. Willis, Health Care.

- - -

Secrest Wardle is pleased to announce that for 2015, 10 attorneys have been selected to the Super Lawyers list and 12 attorneys have been selected to the Rising Stars list.

The following individuals have been designated for the Super Lawyers List:

Civil Litigation Defense: Mark F. Masters, Mark E. Morley, William D. Shailor.

General Litigation: Bruce A. Truex.

State/Local/Municipalities: Derk W. Beckerleg, William P. Hampton.

Personal Injury General Defense: Thomas J. Azoni, Nathan J. Edmonds; John L. Weston.

Employee Litigation Defense: Caroline A. Grech-Clapper.

The following individuals have been designated for the Rising Stars List:

Appellate: Drew W. Broaddus.

Business Litigation: Anthony A. Randazzo.

Civil Litigation Defense: Kellie C. Joyce, Alison M. Quinn, Mark C. Vanneste.

Personal Injury General Defense: Sante S. Fratarcangeli, Krystal D. Hermiz, Chase M. Kubica, Leah M. Rayfield, Renee T. Townsend, Sarah L. Walburn, Javon L. Williams.

- - -

Nemeth Law PC, a Detroit-based labor and employment law firm, announces that five of the firm's attorneys have been named to the 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers list.

Founding partner Patricia Nemeth was listed in the area of employment litigation defense and was again included among Michigan's Top 50 Women Michigan Super Lawyers, a listing of women lawyers who ranked top of the list in the 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers nomination, research and blue ribbon review process. Nemeth founded Nemeth Law as a solo practitioner in 1992. The firm is now the largest woman-owned law firm in Michigan to exclusively represent management in the prevention, resolution and litigation of labor and employment disputes.

In addition to Patricia Nemeth, Nemeth Law partner Anne Widlak was named a Michigan Super Lawyer in employment and labor and partner Susan D. Koval was named a Michigan Super Lawyer in employee litigation defense. Nemeth Law attorney Erin Behler was named a Michigan Rising Star in employee litigation defense and senior attorney Cliff Hammond was named a Michigan Rising Star in employment and labor.

- - -

Maddin, Hauser, Roth, & Heller PC announced that twelve of its attorneys have been selected to the 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers list.

Following is a list of the Maddin Hauser attorneys named 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers:

- Jonathan B. Frank, Of Counsel; Business Litigation (2013-2015).

- David E. Hart, shareholder, Executive Committee member and co-chair of Consumer Finance/Regulatory Compliance and Real Property Litigation Group; Real Estate (2007-2015).

- Mark R. Hauser, founder, CFO and Executive Committee Member; Real Estate (2007-2015).

- Harvey R. Heller, shareholder, Executive Committee member and chairman of Defense and Insurance Coverage Practice Group; Professional Liability: Defense (2006-2015).

- Robert D. Kaplow, shareholder; Estate Planning and Probate (2006, 2010-2015).

- Kathleen H. Klaus, shareholder; Professional Liability: Defense (2013-2015) .

- Charles M. Lax, shareholder; Employee Benefits (2006-2015).

- Richard F. Roth, shareholder; Business and Corporate (2007-2013, 2015).

- Steven M. Wolock, shareholder; Professional Liability: Defense (2007-2015).

Three additional attorneys were named as "Rising Stars:"

- Ian S. Bolton, shareholder; Bankruptcy: Business (2015).

- Mark E. Plaza, shareholder; Appellate (2014-2015).

- James M. Reid IV, shareholder; Employment and Labor (2015).

- - -

Thirty Plunkett Cooney attorneys were recently selected by their peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® for 2016.

Receiving special honors from Best Lawyers this year is Plunkett Cooney attorney Stanley C. Moore III who was named Detroit "Lawyers of the Year" in Labor Law - Management. Moore has been on the list of The Best Lawyers in America® since 2008. An Of Counsel attorney at Plunkett Cooney, Moore devotes his practice exclusively to representing management in labor and employment law matters. He has represented both private and public sector employers in all facets of labor and employment law in union and non-union settings. Moore has represented healthcare providers in all aspects of both state and federal labor and employment law since 1973.

Below is a list of additional Plunkett Cooney attorneys who have received the 2016 Best Lawyers designation:

Bloomfield Hills office

- Michael P. Ashcraft (partner) Legal Malpractice Law.

- Douglas C. Bernstein (partner) Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law and Mortgage Banking Foreclosure Law.

- William D. Booth (Of Counsel) Personal Injury Litigation. He has the distinction of being named to the Best Lawyers list for over 25 years.

- Charles W. Browning (partner) Insurance Law.

- Lawrence R. Donaldson (of counsel) Professional Malpractice Law.

- Michael A. Fleming (partner) Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law.

- Jeffrey C. Gerish (partner) Appellate Law.

- Gregory Gromek (partner) Personal Injury Litigation.

- Robert G. Kamenec (partner) Appellate Practice.

- Mark S. Kopson (partner) Health Care Law.

- David A. Lerner (partner) Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law.

- Mary Massaron (partner) Appellate Law.

- Saulius K. Mikalonis (senior attorney) Environmental Law.

- Scott H. Sirich (partner) Construction Law and Litigation.

- Thomas P. Vincent (partner) Commercial Litigation.

Detroit office

- Loretta M. Ames (senior attorney) Product Liability Litigation.

- D. Jennifer Andreou (partner) Medical Malpractice Law.

- James R. Geroux (partner) Workers' Compensation Law.

- Laurel F. McGiffert (partner) Medical Malpractice Law.

- Claudia D. Orr (senior attorney) Employment Law.

- Stanley A. Prokop (partner) Insurance Law.

- Mary Catherine Rentz (partner) Insurance Law.

- - -

Several Fraser Trebilcock attorneys have been selected for inclusion on the 2015 list of Super Lawyers, with two additional attorneys named "2015 Rising Stars in Michigan."

Local Fraser Trebilcock attorney Michael P. Donnelly was named as a Super Lawyer in Business Litigation.

- - -

Brian McKeen, managing partner of McKeen & Associates of Detroit, ( has been recognized with three distinctions:

- National Trial Lawyers, an invitation-only organization composed of premier trial lawyers from each state, named McKeen one of its "Top 100 Civil Plaintiff" attorneys for 2015.

- McKeen was included in the 2016 edition of Best Lawyers in America in the area of Personal Injury Litigation, Plaintiff.

- McKeen was also recognized as one of Michigan's Leading Lawyers, in the areas of Personal Injury Law: General; Personal Injury Law: Professional Malpactice.

- - -

The law firm of Couzens Lansky, located in Farmington Hills, is pleased to announce 10 attorneys have been named as Michigan Super Lawyers for 2015.

The following attorneys from Couzens Lansky have been recognized in 2015:

Jack S. Couzens II-Estate Planning and Probate.

Jerry M. Ellis*-Bankruptcy and Creditor/Debtor Rights.

Donald M. Lansky*-Mergers and Acquisitions.

Bruce J. Lazar*-Construction.

Kathryn Gilson Sussman**-Estate Planning and Probate.

Donald A. Wagner*-Banking.

Gregg A. Nathanson***-Real Estate.

David A. Lawrence*-Employment and Labor.

Ronn S. Nadis*-Real Estate.

Phillip J. Neuman*-Business Litigation.

* These attorneys have also been recognized in Super Lawyers Business Edition for their outstanding achievement in their area of business practice.

** These attorneys have also been recognized in Super Lawyers Women's Edition, a separate national publication, for their exceptional achievement in their area of business practice.

*** These attorneys have been recognized for inclusion on the Super Lawyers list for 10 consecutive years.

- - -

Fifty-seven Butzel Long attorneys have been named to the 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers list. At the same time, attorneys Gary W. Klotz and Daniel R.W. Rustmann are named to the 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers list for the first time.

Local Butzel Long attorneys of the the list of 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers include:

Bloomfield Hills office

Stephen A. Bromberg, Real Estate.

Carey A. DeWitt, Employment & Labor.

Beth S. Gotthelf (Top 50 Women Michigan Super Lawyers), Environmental.

D. Stewart Green, Real Estate.

Robin Luce Herrmann, Media/Advertising.

Susan L. Johnson, Environmental.

Thomas A. Kabel, Real Estate.

Sheldon H. Klein, Antitrust Litigation.

Daniel P. Malone, Business Litigation.

Max J. Newman, Bankruptcy: Business.

Thomas B. Radom, Bankruptcy: Business.

Richard E. Rassel, Business Litigation.

Dennis B. Schultz, Construction Litigation.

Craig S. Schwartz, Employment & Labor.

Robert H. Schwartz, Health Care.

David W. Sommerfeld, Estate & Probate.

Ronald P. Strote (Top 50 Michigan Super Lawyers) and (Top 100), Construction Litigation.

Daniel B. Tukel (Top 100), Employment Litigation: Defense.

Detroit office

James C. Bruno, Business/Corp..

Clfford J. DeVine, Business Litigation.

George B. Donnini, Criminal Defense: White Collar.

Arthur Dudley II, Mergers & Acquisitions.

David F. DuMouchel (Top 10 Michigan Super Lawyers), (Top 50 Michigan Business Super Lawyers) and (Top 100), Criminal Defense: White Collar.

Bernard J. Fuhs, Business Litigation.

Cynthia J. Haffey (Top 50 Women Michigan Super Lawyers), Business Litigation.

John P. Hancock Jr., Employment & Labor.

Robert A. Hudson, Business/Corp.

Justin G. Klimko, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Gary W. Klotz (Named to Michigan Super Lawyers for the first time), Employment & Labor.

Phillip C. Korovesis, Business Litigation.

Michael J. Lavoie, Business Litigation.

Mark R. Lezotte, Health Care.

Clara D. Mager, Immigration: Business.

Donald B. Miller, Employment Litigation: Defense.

Reginald A. Pacis, Immigration: Business.

James S. Rosenfeld, Employment & Labor.

Daniel R.W. Rustmann (Named to Michigan Super Lawyers for the first time), Business Litigation.

Bruce L. Sendek, Business Litigation.

James E. Wynne, Business Litigation.

The local Butzel Long attorneys included in the Michigan Super Lawyers 2015 Rising Stars list are:

David J. DeVine, Business Litigation.

Ziyad I. Hermiz, Business Litigation.

Paul M. Mersino, Business Litigation.

Robert M. Nemzin, Estate & Probate.

Elissa Noujaim Pinto, Immigration: Business.

Joseph E. Richotte, Criminal Defense: White Collar.

Roxana G. Zaha, Real Estate.

Published: Mon, Sep 14, 2015