State Supreme Court releases revised opinion manual online

The Michigan Supreme Court on Tuesday released the revised “Michigan Appellate Opinion Manual.” The latest update of the Michigan Appellate Opinion Manual is available on the court’s website (

“We encourage you to download a copy of the revised manual to your desktop for easy reference,” said Reporter of Decisions Kathryn Loomis. “The manual is a fully searchable PDF, and we hope that you will be able to use it to quickly find answers to your citation, style, and quotation questions.”

The manual sets forth the court’s current standards for citation of authority, quotation, and style in opinions of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The court offers the manual as an aid to practitioners in the preparation of documents for submission to the courts.

The revised manual includes two new appendixes and many additional examples throughout. The changes include:

• A new appendix that provides the basic citation format for cases from other states by court and date range (pp 191-199).

• Adoption of the phrase “per curiam opinion” when used in citations to conform with the usage in Black’s Law Dictionary (rather than “opinion per curiam”) (pp 27-28).

• Examples of the pinpoint citation format to be used when citing orders (p 20).

• A revised rule for pinpoint citations when citing footnotes (pp 25-26).

• Examples of block quotations of Michigan statutes (pp 81-83).

• A new appendix listing Michigan public acts with official short titles (pp 201-227).