Law school conducts Honors Convocation


Western Michigan University Cooley Law School students gathered with family and friends to be recognized for their outstanding achievements and leadership roles with various student organizations during the law school’s Auburn Hills Honor’s Convocation.  The Nov. 9 convocation began with Professor Monica Nuckolls speaking about the importance of demonstrating G.R.I.T. throughout law school.  G.R.I.T., an acronym for having a Growth mindset, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity, has become a very popular topic in the world of science and academia recently and has been hailed as one of the key ingredients of success, both in school and beyond.

Nuckolls said, “Each one of you are here today because you first believed in yourself.  You believed that you could accomplish academic success.  You believed that you could make a difference in your law school community—and you did.  For that, we honor and applaud you.  I speak for the entire faculty and administration when I say that we believe in you too.  In fact, we believe that for each of you, the best is yet to come.”

Alison Brajdich, Ashli Bynum, and Mayrel Narvaez were presented with the Leadership Achievement Award. The award is presented to students who have consistently, comprehensively, and effectively provided leadership in a variety of capacities. The award is intended to be the culmination of a student’s participation in leadership activities while at WMU-Cooley Law School.

The Alumni Distinguished Service Award was presented to Joshua Bemis, Alison Brajdich, and Shelika Tate for their academic accomplishments, demonstrated leadership, involvement in extracurricular activities, and post-graduation plans.

The recipient of the Dawn C. Beachnau Award, for her significant contributions through leadership and dedication to the Law Review, was Tami Salzbrenner. The award is named in memory of the Law Review’s long-time administrator.