News (AP) - Runners raise thousands at Race for Education

Each of the more than 600 runners and walkers in the 5K Race for Education in downtown Lansing on June 11 had a chance to win money for his/her school of choice. Nearly 90 of the record 622 participants did just that.

The 5K Race for Education, sponsored by Cooley Law School, donates all proceeds to schools that are selected at random from nominations made by 5K participants. In addition, the School Competition Award honors the three schools with the most nominations with cash prizes from Cooley.

Winners from the random drawing who will divide all proceeds from the 5K Race for Education include:

* Winans Elementary (Lansing), 50 percent winner, nominated by Steve Tapia.

* Haslett High School Cross Country, 25 percent winner, nominated by Nick Stanko.

* Lansing Catholic High School Music Programs, 10 percent winner, nominated by Emily Franklin.

* Waverly High School (Lansing), 10 percent winner, nominated by John Jeanett.

* International Academy (Bloomfield Hills), 5 percent winner, nominated by Jack Kramer.

"While we are still calculating proceeds from this year's race, we know that the 5K Race for Education will be giving away thousands of dollars this year thanks to a record number of participants," said Terry Carella, race director and Cooley's communications director.

Winners of the School Competition Award, determined by the number of nominations, include:

* Haslett High School Cross Country, first place, winning $1,000 with 33 nominations.

* Cooley Law School, second place, winning $750 with 28 nominations.

* St. Joseph Catholic (St. Johns), third place, winning $500 with 24 nominations.

The 5K Race for Education has raised nearly $100,000 for educational institutions across the state since the inaugural event in 2000.

Published: Mon, Jul 19, 2010