News (AP) - Troy to distracted drivers: Pay attention or get fined

TROY (AP) -- Motorists prone to dining, e-mailing and brushing their hair while behind the wheel are being advised to knock it off by a Detroit suburb determined to crack down on distracted drivers.

Beginning July 29, drivers in Troy will receive traffic tickets if police catch them sending or receiving text and voicemail messages, eating and grooming. An ordinance approved by City Council last Monday also makes it illegal to interact with pets, read, write, or use a hand-held entertainment device while driving.

Lt. Michael Lyczkowski said fine amounts for the primary offense have yet to be established by a local district court.

A statewide law that makes it illegal for a person to read, write or send text messages from a cell phone or other device while operating a moving vehicle went into effect July 1.

Published: Mon, Jul 19, 2010