News (AP) - Feds say Convertino's lawsuit should be tossed

DETROIT (AP) -- The U.S. Justice Department is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a former prosecutor in Detroit who claims his privacy was violated through leaks to a newspaper.

The government says it's likely that no one in the Justice Department leaked information about a confidential ethics probe of Richard Convertino.

Convertino's career as a prosecutor began to crash in 2004 when a judge threw out convictions in a terror-related trial because evidence was withheld from the defense. Earlier that year, the Detroit Free Press reported that Convertino was the subject of an internal investigation.

Convertino's lawsuit against the government is in a Washington court. The Justice Department portrays him as a rogue, unmanageable prosecutor. His lawyer says the latest filing is "absurd."

Published: Mon, Jul 19, 2010