Commissioners support expansion of Animal Control Services

On Thursday, Jan. 20, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners voted in favor of expanding Oakland County's Animal Control Services. In the next three years, Oakland County's Animal Control Division will have the capacity to provide animal control services countywide.

With the new reorganization, all communities will receive base level services at no additional costs to the local community. Communities currently not receiving county funded services will have an opportunity to voluntarily opt-in.

Oakland County Animal Control currently provides services to half of the counties 61 cities, villages and townships and will effectively demonstrate how communities can successfully share services.

Oakland County Commissioner David Woodward (D-Royal Oak) led the effort to expand animal control services to communities mostly in southern Oakland County Communities.

"I hope this reorganization will result in a comprehensive countywide approach to delivering animal control service, with communities and the county working together to improve services for all countyresidents," Woodward said. "I think it's also important to point out how this might also serve as a model as how to address other cost sharing of other important services into the future to save taxpayers money while maintaining high quality services for residents."

Communities wanting to secure Oakland County Animal Control Services should rescind their animal control ordinances as mandated by Michigan Public Act 339 of 1919 and agree to sell Oakland County Animal Control Licenses.

"Consolidating services, at this level, provide communities facing financial challenges with alternatives that will help sustain services in the most cost-effective manner," stated Oakland County Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell (R-Lake Orion).

Published: Wed, Jan 26, 2011