Bertolini heads to Washington for technology presentation


Oakland County's position as one of the most digitally advanced counties in the nation will be front and center at the National Association of Counties 2011 Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. The conference begins Saturday, March 5.

Deputy County Executive and Chief Information Officer Phil Bertolini will participate in a technology summit panel to discuss how to work with technology in government in tough economic times.

"Oakland County continues to develop applications that allow us to deliver excellent services to our residents and businesses in a more efficient manner while leveraging our costs," Bertolini said.

One example is the software utilized by health sanitarians in the county's Health Division. Inspectors are able to file reports in the field and receive feedback from their supervisors in real time. This software enables the county to carry out more inspections each day and to reduce fuel costs because sanitarians do not have to make multiple trips back to the office.

Bertolini will also conduct a presentation on cloud computing, a new initiative announced by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson in his 2011 State of the County address. Oakland County will position its IT applications out in cyber space so that local governments can use them on an as-needed basis.

Cloud computing will be a real budget saver for local cities, villages and townships (CVTs) and a revenue enhancer for Oakland County. The CVTs will not have to buy software or pay for the servers to host applications. They simply will pay the county a nominal user fee. The first available applications will be Oakland County's nationally recognized eHealth software.

"We developed a portal for Oakland County hospitals, schools, and other stakeholders to report communicable diseases in real time to our Health Division," Bertolini said. "It was a key tool in minimizing incidents of H1N1 during the 2009-2010 pandemic. Now there is great interest in the portal from other governments around the state. We will make it available via cloud computing."

Patterson said Bertolini's role in the upcoming conference is further recognition of Oakland County's leadership in developing new technology for use in government.

"The National Association of Counties and Centers for Digital Government rank Oakland County among the most digitally advanced in the nation," said Patterson. "Phil being such a prominent participant in the upcoming conference is a feather in his and Oakland County's cap."

Published: Fri, Mar 4, 2011