Cast of 'West Wing' promotes non-partisan section of ballot

Cast members of the award-winning television series, “The West Wing,” have come together to film a web video encouraging registered voters to cast votes in the non-partisan section of the General Election ballot in November. That section of the ballot includes judicial candidates like Bridget Mary McCormack who is running for an eight-year term on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Bridget Mary McCormack is the older sister of “West Wing” cast member Mary McCormack, who played National Security Advisor Kate Harper on the popular television series and who is among those featured in the video entitled, “Walk-and-Talk the Vote.”

“Voting is a fundamental right that we enjoy as Americans,” said Bridget Mary McCormack. “Unfortunately too many people vote their ballot, sometimes voting a straight-party ticket, and fail to vote the non-partisan section where judicial candidates’ names like mine appear. From consumer protection to our basic liberties, sooner or later the State Supreme Court will have the last word so it is important that every vote count. 

Michigan statistics confirm that voter drop-off regularly occurs in non-partisan Supreme Court voting.  Between 2004 and 2010, the drop-off rate in Supreme Court voting ranged from 24.8 percent to 38.8 percent.  In 2010, the drop-off rate was 27.1 percent.

In addition to Mary McCormack, “West Wing” cast members featured in the web video are Martin Sheen, Alison Janney, Lily Tomlin, Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, Janel Maloney, Joshua Malina, Melissa Fitzgerald, and Mary McCormack.

While members of “The West Wing” have come together to promote other public service messages like the health benefits of walking, it marks the first time so many of the former cast members have come together on a project of this kind. They filmed two versions of the voting video: one that mentions Bridget Mary McCormack and a second, generic version.

The web video storyline begins with National Security Advisory Kate Harper, played by Mary McCormack, announcing the nation is facing a crisis because too many people fail to vote the non-partisan section of their ballot. In a subtle twist, she notes Mary McCormack’s sister, Bridget Mary McCormack, is one of those candidates whose name will appear this November. Using the “walk and talk” trademark feature of the original show, the staff goes to the president played by Martin Sheen to argue something must be done because state supreme courts rule on issues that affect millions of Americans.

Candidates for the State Supreme Court appear in the non-partisan section of the ballot in Michigan and the following states: Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Both videos can be seen at


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