Eagles Have Landed


Some exceptional play on the golf course this year produced more than $40,000 in charitable contributions to 14 local children’s organizations earlier this month. At a special ceremony at Oakland Hills Country Club on November 15, representatives of the Eagles for Children program presented the donations to the various charities. The contributions were spawned from an idea championed by Oakland Hills members Hal Zaima and Don Kegley, who spearheaded an effort to solicit pledges from within the club for every eagle scored on the famed courses in 2012. The program was expanded to include Walnut Creek, the Country Club of Detroit, and Pine Lake. The four clubs posted 104 eagles for an average contribution of approximately $400, according to Zaima, pictured in the photo at right. In the top photo, Zaima is joined by: (l-r) Kappy Trott of Eagles for Children and Oakland Hills; Sherry Larkin of Oakland Hills; Carol Furlong, CARE House of Oakland County; Connie Palmer, Oakland Hills; and Todd Karry of Oakland Hills.

Photos by John Meiu


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