Legal Authors Society


 In January, Cooley Law School’s Auburn Hills and Lansing campuses initiated faculty members into the Thomas M. Cooley Legal Authors Society. To be admitted to the Legal Authors Society, a Cooley faculty member, adjunct professor or librarian must publish at least one article that is currently indexed in one of a number of U.S. indices for legal publications. In most cases, inductees wrote multiple articles or books that qualified them for membership since the last induction in 2005. Cooley Law School’s Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Tampa Bay campuses also held initiations. 

The 15 Auburn Hills campus inductees were reference librarian Marlene Coir; faculty members Frank C. Aiello, Tammy Asher, David Berry, Gerald A. Fisher, Alan Gershel, Lisa Halushka, Linda K. Kisabeth, and Lewis Langham; Library Head of Public Services Helen Levenson; and faculty member Ashley Lowe, Monica Navarro, Monica Nuckolls, Kevin Scott and Gerald Tschura.

The 12 Lansing campus inductees were faculty members Evelyn Calogero, Christine Zellar Church, Julie Clement, Marian Hilligan (posthumously), Emily Horvath, John S. Kane, Eileen Kavanagh, Mable Martin-Scott, Norman E. Plate, Dan Sheaffer, Christopher R. Trudeau and Nancy Wonch. 


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