Meeting of the Minds

It was a group photo for the ages March 13 at Butzel Long's annual meeting, which coincided with the 160th anniversary celebration for the Detroit based firm. Butzel Long traces its roots to 1854 “when Detroit's economy was based on the Great Lakes shipping trade,” according to a spokesman for the firm. Justin Klimko, a graduate of Duke University Law School, is the current president of the firm. Richard Rassel, a University of Notre Dame alum who earned his law degree from the University of Michigan, serves as chairman of Butzel Long. Pictured: (front row, l-r) Benjamin Wu, Andreas Seidel, Robert Sidorsky, William Slowey, Geoffrey Gallinger, Beth Gotthelf, Michal Golab, Sheldon Klein, Bill Quan Yang, J. William Eshelman, Robert Nemzin, and Joseph Cosby; (second row) Michael Lavoie, Evi Georgiou, Linda Kennedy, Regina Alter, Reginald Pacis, Aghogho Edevbie, Ivonne Soler, Neal Goldfarb, Deb Geroux, Lori Thomas, Michelle Brown, Cynthia Haffey, Ziyad Hermiz, Paul Mersino, Bushra Malik, Laura Johnson, John Hancock Jr., and Louis Theros; (third row) Linda Armstrong, Joanna Rindell, Elissa Pinto, John Selesko, Amy Glenn, Ronald Bassey, Francyne Stacey, Susan Johnson, Clara Mager, Robin Luce Herrmann, Angela Boufford, David DeVine, Cliff De Vine, James Wynne, Robert Hudson, Frank Vecchio, and Milton Whitfield; (fourth row) Steven Lancellotta, Brian McGinty, Bernard Fuhs, James Gehrke, Thomas Bick, Arthur Dudley II, Rebecca Davies, Richard Berg, Dana Wothe, and Nicholas Stasevich; (fifth row) J. Scott Martin, Malcolm Brown, Thomas Shaevsky, Max Maccoby, Frank Alex, Justin Klimko, James Urban, Robert Zack, Robert Schwartz, George Donnini, Mark Lezotte, Lynn McGuire, Richard Rassel, James Rosenfeld, Shanta McMullan, Edward Copeland, and Richard Gordin; (sixth row) Bill Panagos, Bruce Sendek, Gary Klotz, W. Patrick Dreisig, Tom McAskin, Paul Fransway, Joseph Richotte, Kevin O'Malley, Carey DeWitt, Stephen Goodman, Craig Schwartz, Jack Wuerker, Mark Nelson, Thomas Radom, Daniel Malone, Joshua Abraham, Peter Morgenstern, Scott Patterson, and John Valenti. On March 26, Butzel Long members provided a boost to Gleaners Community Food Bank, donating jars of peanut butter and jelly to the nonprofit organization that aids the needy in Southeastern Michigan.
 Photo by John Meiu


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