Hiring Today

Butzel Long labor and employment attorneys discussed new legal requirements regarding recruitment, hiring, and related issues during a breakfast briefing on Wednesday, May 21, at Automation Alley in Troy. The program was titled “Hiring Today — From Facebook to Face-to-Face.” During the program, Butzel Long attorneys also discussed best practices for conducting social media, criminal, and credit background checks based on guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); and innovative hiring techniques to help find and retain talent. Providing insight at the program were Butzel Long’s (l-r) Rebecca Davies, Scott Patterson, Jim Rosenfeld, and John Hancock.  “We’re going to be exploring what it takes to select the best qualified candidates and how to handle the legal requirements that are very strict now in reviewing background checks — including criminal background checks — and references, as well as really getting into some of the nuts and bolts of interviewing and questions that can help you explore hiring the type of candidate that you need for the position that you’re trying to fill,”?Rosenfeld said.
 Photo by John Meiu