New ABA book provides advice on how to handle client fraud cases

Professionals and their firms are increasingly facing some variant of client fraud scenario. Falling victim to a client's fictitious business or fraudulent state of affair be it a Ponzi scheme, a false paper trail or electronic book entries is a nightmarish scenario that, if not handled correctly, threatens the professional's livelihood and the firm's very existence.

"Professionals, Firms and Frauds: Defending Professionals Against Liability for Client Fraud", is a new book released by the American Bar Association that surveys multiple areas of law practice and of substantive law to help organizations tangled in a client fraud situation. This primer on client fraud cases, helps professionals faced with such claims, and their lawyers to identify available defenses and strategies to minimize the fallout from such events.

Author Craig D. Singer is a partner in the law firm of Williams & Connolly LLP in Washington, D.C. He has played a significant role in developing and litigating defenses to claims commonly brought against lawyers and law firms, representing clients in federal and state courts, government investigations, and arbitration proceedings across the nation.

This book was co-sponsored by the ABA Criminal Justice Section and Section of Litigation.

Published: Wed, Oct 07, 2015