State Rep. candidate plans to refuse campaign contributions

Steven Kwasny, 28, is challenging campaign norms by refusing to accept donations or engage in massive self-funding. Running for 53rd District, Kwasny is aiming to create change on issues that affect the Ann Arbor community, including protective environmental measures, increasing citizen participation in the democratic process, and reducing corruption. 

“[One of my main goals] as the representative of the 53rd District is to restore the community’s faith in trustworthy state governance,” Kwasny says. “[And] I intend to do this through decreasing maximum campaign contribution limits, creating democracy on demand, developing automatic voter registration, and upholding progressive values. In addition, I want to send a strong message to current and future candidates that money isn’t everything.”

Kwasny plans on running his campaign predominantly through social media and strong grassroots activities. New campaigning methods rely on interpersonal communication between Kwasny, his campaign staff, and the public.    

Kwasny is actively involved in organizing events for various local Democratic Party groups and youth organizations. As a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign, Kwasny has mirrored his campaign efforts after the local favorite who has run a campaign against lobbyists and influential donors.  

“Michigan is the dark money capital of America,” says Kwasny. “It’s time we shed light on this situation, and begin exploring a solution.”