Pros in Action


– Photos by John Meiu

The Professionalism in Action Orientation premiered at the school in May 2009 under then State Bar of Michigan President Edward H. Pappas. Numerous judges and lawyers from metropolitan Detroit gave up their afternoons to meet in pairs with small groups of six to eight students each to discuss real-life ethics and professionalism issues that the students may confront as lawyers.

PHOTO #1: Among those participating in the April 29 program were (front row, l-r) WMU-Cooley Assistant Dean Lisa Halushka, WMU-Cooley Associate Dean Joan Vestrand, State Bar of Michigan President Elect Larry Nolan, Michelle Donovan, and Oakland County 52-1 District Court Judge David Law; (back) Matt Weaver, Keela Gracey, retired Judge John Gilbreath, Lewis Langham, and Jeff May.

PHOTO #2: Also on April 29, WMU-Cooley conducted its Honor Code Convocation where new students pledged to be ethical students. Leading the oath was Oakland County 52-1 District Court Judge David Law (right).

PHOTO #3: On Friday, April 29, Oakland County 52-1 ­District Court Judge David Law presented the keynote speech to Western Michigan ­University Cooley Law School students about ethics in the practice as part of the school’s Professionalism in Action Orientation. The event was held at WMU-Cooley’s Auburn Hills campus in conjunction with the State Bar of Michigan.


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