ABA launches new technology marketplace

The American Bar Association announced Monday the launch of ABA TechEZ, a technology marketplace for its members. The online directory at www.abanet.org/techez features about 25 software packages, ranging from billing programs to collaboration and legal research applications, from more than a dozen vendors.

Participating companies include:

* Abacus Data Systems

* Copernic Inc.

* Protus, provider of MyFax and my1voice

* Chrometa

* Themis Solutions (CLIO)

* Raising the Standard

* Ring Central

* Box.net

* ReputationDefender

* Westlaw

* LexisNexis

ABA TechEZ is a collaborative effort of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and ABA Member Benefits. It was developed to serve an educational purpose as well as provide special pricing on legal software for ABA members -- particularly those in solo practice or small firms who work without the benefit of in-house information technology staff.

"The ABA believes that making smart choices about technology is essential to getting the best return on the investment," says Catherine Sanders Reach, director of the Legal Technology Resource Center. "We want to help our members learn about new technologies, have access to educational materials and training that strengthens their understanding and efficient use of technology, and receive discounts on technology as a benefit of being an ABA member."

Published: Tue, Nov 24, 2009