Ingham experiments with new Veterans Treatment Court

By Roberta M. Gubbins

Legal News

The first session of the Ingham County Veterans' Treatment Court (ICVTC) was held April 6. The specialty court will include the 30th Circuit Court, 54A, 54B and 55th District Courts and be held at 54B District Court under the direction of Judge David L. Jordan.

The ICVTC will integrate alcohol and drug treatment and mental health services with supervision of each veteran's probationary case. The court will help Veteran defendants access treatment using the sources available to them from the Veterans' Administration.

The consent of the prosecutor and the defendant are both required to enter the program. All misdemeanors are nominally available and some of the four year felonies. It is not the charge but what a veteran pleads that makes them eligible for the program, Jordan said.

In keeping with its mission to "Leave no Veteran Behind," the Veteran's Court will work to:

* Coordinate services between the court, probation, the Veteran's Administration and any service providers.

* Provide veteran mentors--an individual they can trust and can help with jobs, housing, or other problems as they appear

* Provide probation mentoring and court supervision twice monthly

* Coordinate feedback between the court, probation, veterans' administration, and service providers

* Treat the needs of the Veteran promptly and professionally.

The ICVTC will be evaluated annually. The State Court Administrative Office will circulate evaluation forms to all partners and the Veterans will evaluate the program upon completion. For more information, please feel free to contact Judge Jordan at

Published: Mon, Apr 12, 2010


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