Gubernatorial team Bouchard-Land address Eastside Republicans at dinner Pair is one of 5 tickets seeking nomination

By John Lundberg

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Though it wasn't the Silverdome, Michigan gubernatorial candidate Mike Bouchard and running mate Terri Lynn Land proved they could pack a room last Thursday night, April 22, at an Eastside Republican Club fundraiser at Sindbad's on the Lake.

The Oakland County sheriff, along with Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, who is running with Bouchard as his lieutenant governor candidate, were keynoters at the annual dinner hosted by the Eastside Republican Club PAC.

"I was very impressed," said Tom McCleary, club vice president. "He came across very knowledgeable about state government.

"The event was a big success."

Bouchard and Land are one of five tickets looking to secure the Republican nomination in this fall's gubernatorial race. Bouchard spoke of the need of reducing the state's budget, especially when it came to revamping the education and prison systems.

"He spoke of the need to return to a part-time Legislature and criticized the governor's plan of letting prisoners loose," McCleary said. "Mike has 1,200 people working for him and has a track record for reducing his budget."

On the heels of the first televised GOP gubernatorial debate, an event that saw candidates trading barbs, Bouchard said divisiveness would not be a part of his campaign. It is his objective to represent the voters in the way they want to see their leaders tackle the myriad problems in Lansing, he said.

Land said the winner of the debate was self-evident.

"My guy won," she said. "Mike has shown he has a plan from day one. We have to stop unnecessary spending, rebid contracts and get the state back."

McCleary said that Land has a strong following with the club and has done an "outstanding job" as Secretary of State.

"Terri has a track record of accomplishment," he said. "She went (to her post) and delivered on the promises she made. She has reduced voter fraud despite the protest of Democrats. Though it's not all the way there, it's getting closer."

Though McCleary and City of Grosse Pointe councilman John Stempfle have not endorsed anyone in the primary, Bouchard scored some points.

"He's a strong candidate," Stempfle said.

Attendee Gregg Peabody said two of the state's greatest challenges were to fix the tax structure and reduce the highest unemployment figures in the country. He attended the function to get Bouchard's view on those and other issues.

Bouchard also said he strongly endorses the people's right to bring issues to a vote. He would, for instance, support a ballot initiative to amend the state's constitution outlawing the death penalty.

"I would support it if it (was placed on the ballot)," he said. "I was against casino gambling but supported the people's right to bring it up for a vote."

Many Republican officials were on hand, including Grosse Pointe Farms Councilman Terry Davis, who has announced he will seek the Republican nomination for First District state representative. He said current State Rep. Tim Bledsoe, while an honorable public servant, falls on the wrong side of issues in Lansing. Bledsoe, who was elected to his first term in 2008, is the first Democrat ever to hold the seat encompassing the five Grosse Pointe communities.

"You get up there and you have to fall in line," McCleary said.

The $50-per-plate dinner was to raise support for local candidates in the November general election. McCleary said more than $5,000 was raised and was pleased by the enthusiastic turnout.

"Terri is very well liked and that is the reason I had her introduce Mike," he said. "Even I was pleasantly surprised (of the event's success).

"When I got home, I was very tired and very relieved."


Candidates w_ ERC Chair John Chouinard and PAC chair Lita M. McKeehan.jpg

Photo by John Lundberg

Gubernatorial running mates Mike Bouchard and Terri Lynn Land, back row, were welcomed to the annual Eastside Republican Club PAC fundraiser at Sindbad's on the Lake by, front row from left, club Chair John Chouinard, PAC Chair Lita M. McKeehan and club Vice President Tom McCleary.


Photo by John Lundberg

From left, Ed Joseph, chairman of the 13th Congressional District Republicans, and Tom McCleary, vice president of the Eastside Republican Club, welcomed Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard and Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land to their annual PAC fundraiser April 22 at Sindbad's on the Lake. Bouchard is running for governor in the August primary with Land as his lieutenant governor candidate.

Published: Tue, Apr 27, 2010


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