Legal Affaris: Investiture of Judge Amy Ronayne Krause well attended Judge is recipient of Champion of Justice Award

By Roberta Gubbins

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The Lansing Center Ballroom was standing room only on Thursday, February 24 when Hon. Amy Ronayne Krause was sworn in as judge of the Michigan Court of Appeals. In attendance were former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, legislators, members of the legal community including judges, prosecutors and lawyers from surrounding counties, friends and numerous family members.

The ceremony began with a processional march of District, Circuit and Court of Appeals black robed judges into the ballroom. Once seated, the Hon. William B. Murphy, Chief Judge, Michigan Court of Appeals, introduced them to the assemblage. The Lansing Police Department Color Guard presented the colors.

Hon. Thomas P. Boyd, Chief Judge, 55th District Court, Master of Ceremonies, called upon Hon. Darnell Jackson, Saginaw County Circuit Court, Frank Reynolds, Attorney, Amy Timmer, Associate Dean, Cooley Law School, Bryan J. Waldman, Attorney and Betty J. Waldman, National Resource Development for remarks.

Frank Reynolds, who has known Krause since she began practicing law as an assistant prosecutor in Livingston County, said, "I never had a problem getting discovery from Judge Krause as a prosecutor and as a judge. Because she was open and honest, we were able to resolve a lot of cases. I am sure she will bring that openness to the Court of Appeals."

Amy Timmer, associate dean, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, said, "While an investiture assures continuity, it necessarily brings freshness and newness. Bringing a new judge to the Court of Appeals can change everything, especially from the eyes of the litigant. The new judge is Amy Krause, a remarkable woman bringing remarkable qualities to the Court of Appeals."

"She is well educated in the law, is ethical, fair and just, having served as a District Court judge for seven years. She brings to the bench a commitment to community, to ethics, to teaching and to leading by example. In my opinion, Judge Krause's finest quality is that she is approachable, friendly, down to earth and an altogether cool person."

"I agree with what the others have said. Amy is a remarkable person," said Bryan Waldman, Attorney. "In a climate where people say the courts are politicized and that lawyers are less civil, the Court of Appeals is a model of civility. Amy Krause will continue that model of civility. There is no question that Amy will bring compassion and enthusiasm to her new position."

Hon. William C. Whitbeck, Michigan Court of Appeals, in requesting the administration of the Oath of Office, said, "By reason of her education at the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame, the former slightly greater than the latter, her experience as a Prosecutor, as a District Court Judge and her character, I am sure she will advance our court in an educated and even-handed way."

Hon. William B. Murphy, Chief Judge, Michigan Court of Appeals, administered the oath of office. Kurt Krause held the Bible for the swearing in and presented Judge Krause with the robe.

"Thank all of you for being here today with me for this important occasion," said the newly sworn in Hon. Amy Ronanye Krause. She introduced her family members who came from Chicago, St. Louis, California, Florida and from all over the state. "I appreciate all of you who took the time to travel long distances to come to this event."

"I have had the privilege to work for the public since 1989. I am fortunate to have jobs that I love, trying cases as a lawyer and as a judge. I am excited to have this job because it allows me to take what I have learned and to use this knowledge and perspective to the benefit of the lawyers and litigants who are in the Court of Appeals."

"The Court of Appeals is about doing justice and serving people of this State. I know that every piece of paper that comes through this court represents a person, an organization -- their file is not just pieces of paper, they are people, litigants who are in our court because something very important has happened to them. Every case needs to treated with this knowledge in the forefront of my mind and I will do just that. I will work hard. I will seek justice and I will treat people with dignity and respect," she said.

Krause was a recipient of the State Bar of Michigan Champion of Justice award, which is presented to lawyers and judges who demonstrate superior professional competence, integrity and adherence to the highest principles and traditions of the legal profession, and have created an extraordinary professional accomplishment that benefits their community.

Lansing Church of God in Christ Praise Team sang America the Beautiful, Evangelist Dorothy L. Duncan, First Lady, Lansing Church of God in Christ gave the Benediction and the Hon. William B. Murphy ended the ceremony, closing the court.

Published: Wed, Mar 16, 2011


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