Milwaukee: Creator of pocket bra claims patent infringement

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- A Wisconsin woman who created a bra with pockets has filed a federal patent infringement lawsuit against another person who came up with a similar idea.

Tammy Pintor, owner of TJ Secret in Menomonee Falls, has a patent for a brassiere that holds and conceals small items. Court documents say Pintor began designing a pocket bra because she was frustrated that there was no product on the market that offered a secure, yet inconspicuous way to store small objects.

Meanwhile, Leslie Van Dorf of Nashotah was working on her own idea and launched a limited liability corporation called Purse-Les. Van Dorf promoted the product with a website and even got it placed in the swag bags at this year's Golden Globe awards.

Pintor learned about Van Dorf's company and sent her a cease-and-desist letter that also asked for an accounting of all Purse-Les apparel sales. Van Dorf said she ignored the letter.

Pintor's attorney, Matthew McClean, says that his client was advised early on that getting a patent would help her find manufacturers and distributors.

Van Dorf said her Purse-Les product doesn't come close to infringing on Pintor's patent.

Published: Thu, Apr 28, 2011


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