July 14, 2010

    1. Taking Stock: Golub Capital and Collar Fund
    2. The Firm: There's more than one way to add a lawyer
    3. Law Life: Lawyers must not usurp clients' role in settlements


    1. National Round Up


    1. State Round Up


    1. ABA releases new 'View from the Bench' study
    2. Special treatment Mental Health Court improves the quality of participants' lives
    3. Business - Economy U.S. trade deficit widens to $42.3 billion in May
    4. Business - Pharmaceutical Vivus weight loss drug faces safety questions
    5. Business - Health Care Mass. medical gift law could be repealed Opponents of law say it has stifled clinical research in state
    6. Business - Economy Small companies denied credit as big firms thrive Gap is one of the reasons economic rebound isn't stronger
    7. Business - Retail General Growth files reorganization plan
    8. Nation - California Found on Facebook Case of kids found on Facebook revives disputes
    9. Nation - California Gay group challenges U.S. military policy on gays Log Cabin Republicans contend policy is unconstitutional
    10. Nation - Illinois Blago deep in legal fee debt Prosecutors allege Ex-governor owed lawyers $1.2 million
    11. Courts - Washington Rep. senator says he backs birther lawsuits Theory has been debunked
    12. State - Cox files brief to support Arizona immigration law, sends letter to AGs Gubernatorial candidate also challenged constitutionality of federal health care law
    13. Courts - Nebraska Woman's estate sues contraceptive makers Plaintiffs claim NuvaRing caused deadly blood clot
    14. State - Detroit Death penalty trial opens in 2001 slaying Defense attorney Richard Kammen says his client was 'clueless'
    15. State - Marquette Attorney denies Stamos had fling with 17-year-old Judge ruled testimony on romantic encounter would not be allowed
    16. Profile in Brief: Laurie Michelson - Femme Federal
    17. Daily Briefs
    18. Prosecuting with Integrity
    19. A Michigan Sparty in Moscow MSU law professor has great times in 'New Russia'