July 15, 2010

    1. Money Matters: Low mortgage rates give borrowers a 2nd bite at apple
    2. Bench Mark: Alyssa's grounded


    1. National Round Up


    1. State Round Up


    1. UDM prof is a former newshound She has a degree in divinity, too
    2. State - Dykema' attorney re-appointed to AHLA vice-chair positions
    3. Daily Briefs (July 15)
    4. Business - Finance Watchdog: Small banks struggling despite bailouts Hundreds of banks are expected to fail by the end of next year
    5. Judicial Review
    6. Business - Automotive Ruling on Visteon retiree benefits overturned Company cannot unilaterally terminate 21,000 retirees' benefits
    7. Business - Technology Bad Apple? Company remains silent after Consumer Reports iPhone critique
    8. Business - Retail Retail sales drop for second straight month
    9. Courts - Texas Deaf inmate says fingerprint proves his innocence Special prosecution unit looking into possible exoneration
    10. Nation - Missouri Lawyer: Insurance measure puts voters in a bind Missouri will be first state to put health care law to a popularity vote
    11. Nation - California State AG defends DNA samples from felony arrestees ACLU wants to suspend collection
    12. Nation - Delaware Barnes & Noble director defends poison pill Billionaire's lawsuit challenges antitakeover measure
    13. Nation - New York NYC court tosses FCC's fleeting expletives policy
    14. State - Detroit The lot of some car sellers up in the air Auto dealers facing closure will soon know fate
    15. State - Washington, D.C. White House to highlight electric car developments President Obama to be in Holland today for groundbreaking
    16. Nation -
    17. Third-year Cooley law student has 'The Ticket'
    18. Courts - Nebraska Judge blocks state's new abortion screening law Planned Parenthood says law could be difficult to comply with
    19. Nation - Utah State agencies probe source of alleged illegal immigrant list