July 22, 2010

    1. Money Matters: Measuring investment success
    2. Law Life: Staying connected on summer vacation
    3. Legal View: Adultery: Your choice?
    4. Cheers from the Bar: Taking career advice from LeBron James


    1. National Round Up


    1. State Round Up


    1. Volunteer docents honored for work with Learning Center
    2. Nation - Supreme Court Watch Judiciary panel OKs Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Confirmation expected to happen before Congress' summer break
    3. Daily Briefs (July 22)
    4. Round Trip: Book offers grand tour of county courthouses
    5. Third Circuit Court celebrates Juror Appreciation Month
    6. U.S. Attorney addresses Cooley gathering
    7. Cloud cover: Lawyers play role helping clients store information
    8. Learning Center volunteer docents honored
    9. Prosecution of immigrants soars
    10. At a Glance ...
    11. State - Race for Governor Hoekstra joins Bachmann in House Tea Party Caucus Rep. candidates jockeying to get into good graces of tea partiers
    12. Nation - Colorado Mother of slain witness finds new reality
    13. Nation - Idaho State prison inmates say problems continue at ISCI Attorneys: prison officials are indifferent to inmates' medical needs
    14. Business - Real Estate Federal relief effort fails many at risk of foreclosure Glut of homes being sold at foreclosure could rise faster in months ahead
    15. Courts - New York Settlement reached over stolen art
    16. Business - Personal Finance Americans managing debt better as economy recovers
    17. Business - Eye on revenue Profits are so last quarter: Wall St. looks for sales growth
    18. Courts - Iowa Lawsuits over 401(k) fees driving costs down Number of cases against large companies has accelerated
    19. Courts - Virginia Publishers sue prisons for banning law guide Officials claim book was danger to security and "good order"
    20. Courts - Arizona Judge in Ariz. case well-versed in immigration Susan Bolton was appointed to federal bench in 2000 by Bill Clinton
    21. Court is now in session New district court -- with jail -- opens in Washtenaw County