July 23, 2010

    1. Under Analysis: You might as well ride your motorcycle
    2. Local Voice: Arizona law re-ignites the immigration debate across Michigan, nation
    3. On Point: Right to work will reignite Michigan's economy
    4. Taking Stock: Two medical stocks
    5. View Point: 'Exigent' postal rate hike beyond realm of reason


    1. National Round Up


    1. Friday Feature: A heart for law, A kidney for life - When her son needed a kidney, attorney Anna Maiuri put her legal career on hold to become an organ donor
    2. Daily Briefs (July 23)
    3. Planning Session
    4. Business - Inside Washington Oil panel's web of interests It's hard to find prominent people who have not been touched by oil money
    5. Business - Finance Framework of the Financial Overhaul A piece-by-piece guide to the new financial overhaul law
    6. Nation - Alaska Pair plead guilty to lying about hit list FBI refused to make contents of list public
    7. Nation - Mississippi Man executed for stabbing to death a motel clerk in 1994 U.S. Supreme Court requested delay to review case, denied stay of execution
    8. Nation - California 1st Filipina-American nominated for chief justice Candidate has served quietly in several influential positions
    9. Nation - North Carolina Attorneys argue views over adding anti-bias language Proposal would add language to preamble of conduct rules to protect gays
    10. Nation - Washington Justice Dept. says prosecutor firings were inappropriate, but not criminal 2-year investigation into dismissal of 9 USAs ends without charges
    11. Courtside assistance Program helps attorneys deal with personal challenges