July 29, 2010

    1. Local Voice: Top 10 divorce commandments (part 1)
    2. Bench Mark: Till death do we party
    3. The Firm: The potential pitfalls of turning down a case
    4. Money Matters: Helping you speak the language of finance


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    1. Business - Manufacturing Orders for big-ticket goods fall 1 percent in June
    2. Business - Economy Confidence falls even as corporate profits rise Disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street widens
    3. Business - Real Estate New home sales up, but sales remain slow
    4. Business - Real Estate Treasury to hold conference on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Event is scheduled for Aug. 17
    5. Courts - Israel Rape by deception Lying for sex -- old sin means jail time in Israel
    6. Courts - Ohio Marriage scam paired immigrants, poor brides
    7. Nation - Utah Texas, feds wait turns in polygamist leader cases Utah officials have a month to decide if they'll retry Jeffs
    8. Courts - New York NYC settles 50-bullet cop lawsuit for $7 million
    9. Nation - Arizona Police, activists prepare ahead of immigration law
    10. Nation - Utah Death row inmate can withdraw 1993 guilty plea
    11. State - Race for Governor Mike Cox campaign memo criticizes 'smear attacks' AG denies attending a rumored party at the Manoogian Mansion
    12. State - Lansing 'Tea Party' group submits Michigan candidate list Opponents have until mid-August to challenge authenticity of signatures
    13. SLAPP victim doesn't turn the other cheek Michigan House to consider anti-SLAPP amendment
    14. Nation - Illinois Jury gets case in ex-governor Blagojevich corruption trial After giving lengthy instructions, judge says he does not expect a speedy verdict
    15. Daily Briefs (July 29)
    16. Strength and Honor: Noted attorney follows firm?s guiding principles
    17. Judging Dancing Judges: Entertaining fundraiser was a huge hit for Macomb County Bar Foundation
    18. Business - Personal Finance New study finds few IRA owners contributing new money to accounts