January 18, 2011

    1. The Firm: To charge or not to charge: the lawyer as consultant
    2. Money Matters: New rules for mortgage loans
    3. Law Life: Shooting speaks to handling of mentally ill


    1. Kansas Nephew says uncle killed by police was depressed
    2. Montana Legislature to take up assisted suicide bills Many physicians fear prosecution because of standards are lacking
    3. Wisconsin Some state agencies refuse racial profiling law Sheriffs say deputies already note much of the information on citations
    4. South Dakota State concealed weapons law gets national scrutiny
    5. Supreme Court Watch Court's bankruptcy decision will require 'creative strategies' Opinion limits key deduction for debtors
    6. National Roundup


    1. Grand Rapids Traces of the Trade Descendant of slave-traders tells family's story
    2. East Lansing Demand for Arabic teachers rising
    3. Detroit Cleric: Muslims have role in relationship building


    1. Indiana Indianapolis officer charged again in fatal crash Allegations of a coverup started soon after accident
    2. Nebraska ACLU throws support behind Agriprocessors official's court appeal
    3. Pigford v Glickman Black farmer fights discrimination through lawsuit 400 black farmers sued after they were unfairly denied loans
    4. Court Roundup


    1. Finance Ex-banker says he's giving Wikileaks files on rich
    2. International Relations Colliding interests U.S., China clash over energy and environment
    3. Foreign trade New U.S. lawmakers want action on China currency Stabenow one of three Senators to introduce currency legislation this week


    1. Will drop in firm billing rates affect compensation?
    2. All in due time Chief judge trains focus on age-old legal issues
    3. Eye on Lansing Broken Budgets Public worker costs likely target in Snyder speech
    4. Daily Briefs (Jan 18)
    5. H.O.P.E.