January 20, 2011

    1. Law Life: Cloud-based data backup options for lawyers
    2. Legal View: Small business law: Off the beaten path
    3. Money Matters: Saving the savings of the asset poor


    1. Washington GOP spending cuts would affect millions of people White House warns federal layoffs would be inevitable
    2. Kansas Witness: HIV-positive airman's wife condoned sex Man faces 10 counts of aggravated assault
    3. New York Fed prosecutors get child porn restitution Payments are meant as deterrent and to pay for victims' treatments
    4. Washington NFL players' union claims collusion There is talk of a lockout next season
    5. Where are they now? Top verdicts of 2009
    6. Supreme Court Watch High court wary of billion-dollar legal fight over Navy plane
    7. No second chance for man who confessed to murder
    8. Tennessee Revised bar exam grades with number
    9. National Roundup


    1. Cooley's program for soldiers expands to Fla.
    2. State Roundup
    3. Ann Arbor U. Mich. opening incubator in former Pfizer site University bought sprawling complex in 2009 for $108 million


    1. California Mattel lawyer accuses MGA of luring Bratz designer
    2. Oregon Twice convicted ex-CIA spy gets 8 more years
    3. Texas Brother sues over sale of Oswald's coffin
    4. Court Roundup


    1. Technology Can Apple thrive without its visionary CEO? Jobs' value is difficult to gauge because of the force of his personality
    2. Technology iPad data breach Two alleged hackers charged with stealing iPad users' information
    3. Economy 2010 ends as 2nd worst year for home construction


    1. Drum Major for Justice
    2. WSU Law's Motion Day provides insight into courtroom etiquette 190 first-year law students are invited to attend
    3. Daily Briefs (Jan 20)
    4. Fully Invested