March 8, 2011

    1. Listening carefully to the wisdom within
    2. MONEY MATTERS: IRS: Kinder, gentler approach to unpaid taxes
    3. A JUDGE'S JOURNAL: Turbulent time at the Michigan Supreme Court, Part IV
    4. LEGAL VIEW: Federal health insurance reform brings myriad changes


    1. Washington, D.C. White House promotes Muslim help against terrorism Critics characterize upcoming congressional hearing as xenophobic
    2. National Roundup
    3. California Dozens of abusive priests live unmonitored
    4. Pennsylvania Espionage Exhibit Security, sabotage, spies at Constitution Center


    1. Albion-- Cable guards added as expressway safety tool Opponents of plan say guards have problems of their own
    2. State Roundup


    1. Georgia State Supreme Court upholds law requiring voter ID
    2. Supreme Court Watch Court rules for death row inmate who wants to test crime-scene evidence for DNA
    3. Michigan Supreme Court to hear oral arguments this week
    4. Delaware Judge to weigh rival plans in Trib bankruptcy case
    5. Ingham County Veteran's Treatment Court marks anniversary
    6. Supreme Court Notebook
    7. Court Roundup


    1. Technology AOL completes purchase of Huffington Post


    1. Is it a fee, or a tax? Michigan Supreme Court to hear Headlee-based challenge to Detroit Solid Waste Inspection Fee
    2. Microfinance struggles to restore its reputation - Critics say the industry has grown too quickly for its own good
    3. Wall Street- After historic gains, are stocks nearing a bubble? There have been two bubbles in the past 10 years -- tech and real estate
    4. Antitrust, Franchising and Trade Regulation - State Bar law section reaches out to Cooley students Attorneys promote benefits of membership in SBM section
    5. Daily Briefs (March 9th)