March 16, 2011

    1. Legal Minds: Why does AA work?
    2. The Firm: 'They can't replace ME with a computer'
    3. TAKING STOCK: All that glitters is not gold or silver
    4. Legal Affaris: Investiture of Judge Amy Ronayne Krause well attended Judge is recipient of Champion of Justice Award
    5. Profile in Brief: Lorraine Shalhoub - Sure-handed
    6. Legal Affairs: Resolution Services Center director suggests mediation for Child Welfare Law cases


    1. Nebraska: Inmates get pagan religion recognized in state prison State agrees to pay $12,400 to cover two inmates' attorney fees under deal
    2. National Roundup
    3. Best Practice: Mistakes lawyers make with their expert witnesses
    4. Analysis: New York: Albany insiders see patterns in ethical mess
    5. California: Computer mess jeopardizes court's political clout Opponents call project ill-conceived, mismanaged, failed experiment


    1. State Roundup
    2. Washington, D.C.: Some hospitals open ERs just for seniors
    3. Detroit: Long trial on overtime at Quicken Loans nears end Company claims overtime exemption for admin work applies
    4. Howell: Light on his feet- Michigan man travels far and wide for lighthouse artifacts


    1. Court Roundup


    1. Business: PepsiCo unveils plant-based bottle
    2. Broken Budgets: Amid high demand, states cut mental health care Deep cuts have shuttered facilities, prolonged waiting times
    3. Business Royal wedding a business boom or drag? Analysts predict the extra public holiday will cost the economy 6 billion pounds


    1. Daily Briefs (March 16)
    2. Historic Women
    3. Daily Briefs (March 17th)
    4. Texas: Torture suspect investigated in 2 cold cases of missing women
    5. People's Law College offers residents help- Annual lecture series enters its third year
    6. Learning Center offers summer law programs for students
    7. M Law receives $20 million gift