March 29, 2011

    1. Law Life: 'Didn't you get my text?'
    2. Counselor's Corner: A milieu of love
    3. Money Matters: Moves to help your retirement money last
    4. Legal Affairs: Technology: New iPad app makes client information easily portable; Attorneys have case info at their fingertips
    5. Legal Affairs: Technology: Lawyers cast their verdict on the iPad 2
    6. Legal Affairs: Real Property Law Section to host Spring Roundtable, Summer Conference
    7. A Judge's Journal: Turbulent time at the Michigan Supreme Court, Part VIII


    1. National Roundup
    2. New York: Judge says former NY comptroller is in hospital
    3. Illinois: Memo: State knew of group home abuses Residents' families were not told of problems
    4. Washington, D.C.: Spending showdown; Time short, tempers flare in budget showdown
    5. Washington, D.C.: Flow of information reduced to a trickle; Emails: Insiders worried over political 'meddling'


    1. State Roundup
    2. Grand Rapids: Mentally ill, their advocates struggle for housing Safe, affordable housing is key to recovering independence
    3. Detroit: Arab newcomers help Dearborn buck population trend


    1. Supreme Court Watch: New Jersey man protests routine strip search Fourth Amendment prohibits only 'unreasonable' searches
    2. Court to take up huge sex bias claim vs. Wal-Mart


    1. Economy: Consumer spending rose 0.7 percent in February; High gas prices played big role
    2. Business: Harry & David files for Ch. 11 protection
    3. Energy: The next generation of nuclear; Nuclear industry touts safety of new reactors


    1. In Good Voice: UDM Law students sponsor 'An Evening in Paris' event
    2. Daily Briefs
    3. Daily Briefs, March 30
    4. A family legacy continues: Judge Keith to swear in nephew
    5. Michigan Supreme Court: Court to consider proposal to limit contingency fees