August 2016
  1. August 26 Coming Events

    Sept. 17, Oct. 25, Nov. 12: Western Michigan University-Cooley Law School, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum Ethical Leadership Class,  Ford Museum’s new DeVos Learning Center, approximately 3-4 hour sessions. “Leadership in Times of Crisis” was developed to educate and inspire students to adopt the ethical leadership standards exhibited by President Ford throughout his life. There are also a limited number of spots for members of the community, although they will not be eligible to receive class credit unless enrolled at WMU or WMU-Cooley. “We live in an era of politicians, not statesmen,” said Victoria Vuletich, WMU-Cooley Law School professor. “Too many leaders on both sides of the aisle view the office they hold as a vehicle to fulfill their personal aspirations instead of an opportunity to serve the nation and its citizens. This crisis of leadership drove us to create an ethical leadership class at a time when it is most needed.” The class, taught by WMU and WMU-Cooley faculty, will offer the opportunity to evaluate the rights and duties of major stakeholders when making decisions,  to distinguish between legal and ethical obligations and create a personal approach for ethical decision-making. Topics include: the Nixon pardon, last days of the Vietnam War and the New York City bankruptcy. Students will have direct access to historical sources, including reports coming from Ford’s commanders in Vietnam and his personal thoughts about the pardon in his handwritten notes.

    Sept. 30: Michigan Indigent Defense Commission Town Hall Discussion, 12-2 p.m., Kent County Courthouse, Jury Rep. Room, 300 Ottawa N.W. Interested in learning about the work of the MIDC? Bring your questions and concerns to an informational town hall discussion, featuring Chris Dennis, MIDC?Regional Consultant, and Marla McCowan, Director of Training, Outreach and Support talking about recent developments. Topics of discussion will  include the conditionally approved standards for indigent defense, future standards in development, training standards, and more. Lunch will be provided. To register, visit