David Lick accepts Kimberly M. Cahill Bar Leadership Award

By Roberta M. Gubbins

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Over 300 lawyers and guests gathered in Ambassador Ballroom of the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids on September 29th for the State Bar of Michigan (SBM) Awards Banquet held as part of the Annual Meeting.

The chandeliers, dimmed during dinner, were turned up lighting the way for Charles Toy, SBM President, and Anthony Jenkins, President-elect, to take the podium opening the awards presentation. The awards are given in tribute to lawyers and bar associations around the state who have achieved the highest honors in leadership, professional integrity and community service.

The Ingham County Bar Association (ICBA) was one of those honored, receiving the Kimberly M. Cahill Bar Leadership Award. David Lick, ICBA Past-President said, in accepting the award, "Members of the ICBA (Ingham County Bar Association) have shared the Cahill passion for access to justice--we have used our talents to start many initiatives."

Lick noted that the lawyers of the ICBA volunteer in the legal and general community "because we had a passion for who we are as part of the legal profession." The young lawyers in Ingham County have followed the examples set by the ICBA and have organized a workshop similar to the Bench-Bar conference called the "Roundtable Do's And Don'ts."

"Why do we do what we do? We do it to be better lawyers and to further our judicial system. We start programs to further our profession in the eyes of the public. By doing so, we are helping the public to receive access to justice in the form of education, information, and assistance when needed. We started an access to justice program called 'Ask the Lawyer.' Lawyers donated their time for three hours after hours so public could receive information."

"Recently we have found that many lawyers need mentoring. Over a year ago," he said, "we started a mentoring program. Today I learned that the ICBA and law schools will have a program to mentor law students. We believe that collaborative efforts between judges, lawyers and students will enhance the legal community and the services we provide to the public."

Lick recognized Larry Nolan, Max Hoffman, Nancy Wonch, David Brake, and Kris Kemp, the Executive Director, who were in the audience and had played a major roll in ICBA's activities.

"The Kimberly M. Cahill Bar Leadership Award is a recognition of the Bar Association's obligation to its lawyers and to the general public. In that spirit, we accept this award and thank the State Bar of Michigan, its staff and bar officials."

The Cahill award is presented to a recognized local or affinity bar association, program, or leader for excellence in promoting the ideal of professionalism or equal justice for all, or in responding to a compelling legal need within the community during the past year or on an ongoing basis.

The Ingham County Bar Association has made its community a priority by stressing programs that aid access to justice and mentoring young lawyers and students. For nearly 20 years, ICBA has held an annual Bench-Bar Conference in order to strengthen communication in Ingham County's justice system. ICBA Immediate Past President David Lick has been the long-time chair of ICBA's Bench/Bar Conference. ICBA also staffs an office in a county court building with volunteers to answer questions about the legal system.

ICBA partners with Ingham County Bar Foundation to expand the availability of legal services, promote legal education of the public, and support at least 17 local charities. ICBA has also made mentoring of young students, law students, and young lawyers a priority. In 1994 ICBA established a program to bring lawyers into schools to teach elementary students conflict management skills. This program evolved into Teen Court, which gives young people with first time misdemeanor offenses an alternative to criminal court proceedings.

Published: Thu, Oct 7, 2010


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