Ingham County Land Bank to Partner on Restoration Works! Project

Ingham County Land Bank, Lansing Community College and Allen Neighborhood Center come together to repurpose two properties on the 1500 block of E. Kalamazoo in Lansing, Michigan

LANSING, MI--Restoration Works, a Home Restoration and Neighborhood Stabilization Project, will center on restoration of two foreclosed Land Bank houses, located at 1501 and 1512 E. Kalamazoo Street, which were scheduled for demolition. Work will be done by LCC Environment, Design and Building Technologies Department (EDBT) students, part of LCC's Technical Careers Division. The official launch took place at 10:30 a.m., Thursday, November 4 at 1501 E. Kalamazoo Street.

The Ingham County Land Bank, a not-for-profit county-based economic development authority with a focus on neighborhood revitalization and owners of the properties, in conjunction with the City of Lansing, has prioritized neighborhoods and corridors for stabilization and preservation. The Land Bank has identified the East Kalamazoo Corridor as well as East Michigan Avenue as areas of affordable housing with transit links, which are key to density and provide great strengths to build upon.

Eric Schertzing, Ingham County Treasurer, says this about the project: "The Ingham County Land Bank is proud to partner with LCC and the Allen Neighborhood Center. We [the Land Bank] are excited to be able to repurpose these houses - rather than demolish them - offering an educational experience to LCC students and additional curb appeal to the Allen Neighborhood."

LCC's EDBT faculty will utilize the two houses to engage LCC students in a real-world integrated sustainable construction project as the laboratory component of their education. Plans are to offer frequent tours of the two houses, announcements of workshops and classes that correspond to restoration work being done in the houses, and an exciting, informational website.

The Ingham County Land Bank is gaining momentum in these repurposing projects, such as with using the Deluxe Inn for the Graffiti Art Project. Finding new ways to repurpose, rebuild and sell older properties is providing Ingham County area residents and businesses affordable, energy-efficient and attractive real estate ownership opportunities.

For further information on Restoration Works, call Joan at the Allen Neighborhood Center at 367-2468 or email joann@

The Ingham County Land Bank is a county authority and a strategic economic tool that supports growth and investment in our community. Land Banks were created to return tax reverted property to productive use as rapidly as possible. These reverted properties commonly come through the tax foreclosure process. A Land Bank may concentrate its efforts on an entire neighborhood that needs reinvestment. The Land Bank will buy, renovate and resell multiple properties in a designated area with a goal of owner-occupancy. Please visit for more information on the Ingham County Land Bank, contractor information as well as properties and programs available.

For additional information and to schedule interviews please contact: Rochelle Rizzi ~ Rizzi Designs, LLC ~ 517.708.2111

Published: Thu, Nov 11, 2010


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