Fraser Trebilcock forms crisis management team

LANSING, MI--One of Michigan's oldest law firms announced that it has formed a new practice group to assist clients in responding to crises or otherwise deal with the media when a client's reputation is at risk.

"Avoiding and dealing with potential crises is critical to an organization's success," said Thaddeus Morgan, President of Fraser Trebilcock. "Successfully identifying, mitigating and managing risk in today's business environment calls for a team of business-savvy and experienced legal and PR professionals with the insight and experience to create effective and immediate solutions in such a volatile market. Based on the need of our clients, we decided to create an in-house practice group to help our clients deal with the media, particularly when litigation may be involved."

Food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cars and other consumer products are increasingly being subjected to product recalls. A recall attracts attention, affects the manufactures reputation and could result in litigation or even a class action lawsuit. In this mobile age, where news breaks as it happens, reputations that took years to create can change in an instant. Attorneys are the first responders to help minimize the risk and help their clients respond or react.

Daniel Cherrin, the former Communications Director for the City of Detroit and Press Secretary to former Mayor Kenneth V. Cockrel, Jr. will be leading the newly formed "Crisis Management, Litigation and Strategic Communications" practice group, with a team of experienced litigators and other media-savvy attorneys.

Lawyers are uniquely positioned to deal with crises and only one firm in Michigan is experienced to handle the media. Through our experienced senior-level litigation team, we can quickly mobilize our attorneys to advise companies, associations and individuals on issues that may result in litigation, or better yet, advise them on how to avoid it in the first place. Our team of public policy attorneys and lobbyists will help clients address major legislative challenges at a local, state and federal level and work with policy makers in responding to a crisis. And our experienced public relations team will work with the media and other stakeholder groups to ensure the right messages are being communicated at the right time, as attorneys, to ensure attorney-client privilege.

"We are equipped to assist clients in every aspect of a corporate crisis, from avoiding crises in the first place, to the initial response and serving as the on site spokesperson, to assisting the company with any on going investigations and if necessary litigation or regulatory and legislative support," said Cherrin.

Now, Fraser Trebillcock and its' subsidiary, Fraser Consulting, can help companies avoid, manage and recover from very difficult situations. Our experienced attorneys have worked on cases involving:

* Land Use

* Employment discrimination

* Environmental clean ups Infrastructure disputes

* Municipal issues Criminal matters

* Off shore wind projects

* Class action lawsuits

We work with in-house and outside counsel, as well as public relations professionals, to help develop an effective communications strategy that supports any legal strategy. We work with organizations to manage every aspect of a crisis, from initial response to corrective action, investigations and if needed, representation during civil and criminal and legislative actions. Our lawyers are available and accessible 24 hours a day to assist in any crisis -- From environmental accidents and disasters to crashes, explosions, homeland security issues, whistle blower claims, bankruptcy, indictments, product reveals, and disaster preparedness. Our team of lawyers use a combination of legal prowess, relationships and political acumen to assist clients in times of crisis.

Published: Thu, Jun 2, 2011


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