Free cat spays and neuters for 49201, 49203 zip codes

In an effort to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens, 100 free spays and neuters will be offered on Saturday, July 14 to Jackson residents with 49201 or 49203 zip codes. Cascades Humane Society and Jackson County Animal Shelter will be the sites of the event.

Rabies vaccinations will also be provided to cats over 12 weeks of age.

''The Jackson Cat Project was formed with the mission of educating the residents of Jackson County on the impact of spaying and neutering cats on the cat population," said Dr. Melissa Owings, project coordinator, in a statement. "Based on a statistical analysis, we estimate that nearly 3,000 surplus kittens are born in our community each year, exceeding the demand for cats and creating a population crisis. If we spay at least 775 female cats per year, we can more effectively and humanely control the population.''

''We are so excited to work with the Jackson County Animal Shelter, the Cascades Humane Society, veterinary professionals, and community members who are advocates for the cats and kittens in Jackson County. I believe that the veterinarians in Jackson County see a need for effective population control in cats, and we promote sterilization as one of the solutions.''

To participate in the event, all cats and kittens must be at least eight weeks old and weight two pounds. Rabies vaccines are included at the time of the surgery, if needed.

Proof of address is required.

Call or text 517-917-3174 to schedule your cat or kitten for surgery.

People who live in other towns or zip codes are encouraged to call Cascades Humane Society at 517-787-7387 to discuss its discounted spay/neuter assistance program.

In 2011, more than 60 percent of the cats and kittens which entered the Jackson County Animal Shelter were euthanized.

Published: Mon, Jul 2, 2012